Topaz Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Some stones have wonderful properties for almost anyone, they are so interesting and available, and the Topaz stone most definitely falls under this category.

It has magical properties for everyone who decides to use it for virtually anything – from liver problems to anxiety and stress and protection from evil.

Topaz is such a strong stone that experts like to call it the “psychologist’s stone”; as it can deal with others’ subliminal feelings; we can discover them.

It is believed that it gives an energy charge to the intellect and can ignite passion and reduce fear.

So, it could be used in almost any part of our lives, for love, work, or for spiritual rising.

It is also believed that Topaz is the perfect stone for higher insights in life, in the sense that the regular usage of this stone could successfully sharpen the reaction to the environment, develop intuition, and enhance premonitions.

The shape of the crystal is most often in the form of a tetrahedral prism with a flat or pyramidal base.

But, people love to wear it for esthetical reasons Рas a piece of jewelry as a pendant, or as a ring, since Topaz is so highly valued for its beauty.

It has almost unmatchable healing powers.

Its price is very reasonable, primarily thanks to the fact that this stone is very available and that could be bought easily.

Topaz Stone Origin

The word “Topaz” comes from the Latin term “topazes”.

Some claim that is derived from the Sanskrit word “tapas”, which we translate as heat, or as fire.

Topaz got its name, as some others claim, from the place where it was first found, and it is known for this name ever since.

But, we have to say that there are numerous contradictions regarding this stone and its origin.

Some say that this stone obtain its name from one Greek island, near which it was discovered by stranded people who discovered it and gave its name.

Another theory is that the name comes from a Sanskrit word meaning fire and heat, from this information it can be understood that the topaz in the area where it was found had a golden-orange color.

This stone was first found, as some others believe, on the island of Topazios which is located near Ethiopia. It is close to the Red Sea.

The mineral was named so by the miners of the Urals.

The richest deposit of the Topaz is Ouro Preto and Diamantina.

The most important site in Europe is the Saxon Vosges; where the Topaz stone was minded since 1700.

At this location green (these kinds were named “Saxon Diamond”, as they were incredibly valuable) and transparent Topaz stones were mined.

Besides, we will mention some other locations where this stone could be found.

One of them is Sri Lanka is famous for its colorless crystals or so-called water sapphires.

The yellow-orange kind is mined in India, and it carries that name, and it is considered to be one of the most valuable Topaz Stones.

The Topaz stone could also be found in certain locations in Russia, where we can detect two or three larger mining sites.

One of them is found along the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains, and the other is located in Transbaikalia near Nerchinsk.

A third, less known location is found on the site in the east of Siberia; but this site is not exploited as much as the other two.

But its history is known long before the time of its “recent” discovery”, as Topaz’s magical abilities were known since ancient times, as described in the legends of the cultures of ancient societies.

Many traces of this confirm it, as Topaz traces were found on the religious sites of that time, as well as on ritual objects that were made out of it.

In those days, the Topaz stone has been used mostly as an amulet, for protective purposes.

Then, people believed that this mineral is intended for those who want to know the truth about something, as this was the stone that will repel any form of a lie.

It was also believed that this stone brings material well-being to the person who obtains it, and therefore, this gem, then and now as well was often offered as a gift.

Topaz is known for its well-shaped prismatic form, and it can appear in the form of beautiful druses and fine-grained masses.

This stone is very sensitive to heat, and of its traits is that it can change its color-

Topaz is a hard crystal (8 on the Mohs scale) but brittle and this stone must be taken care of since it could break easily.

It is effortlessly and abundantly found in nature, much more than some other precious stones.

The characteristics of the Topaz are that it also has very high density and high specific gravity gave rise to the term “heavy” gem.

Different Colors

Topaz stones come in a large variety of colors, and this is one of the most notable traits of Topaz stones.

From completely colorless to shades of different densities: pale yellow, cherry brown, blue, pale green, red, pink, and gold.

According to its chemical composition, Topaz is an aluminum silicate containing fluorine, and the fact that it comes in such a wide variety of colors comes from the small inclusions of metal in the atomic parts of the mineral.

Such a variety of shades is caused by a certain deviation in the crystal structure.

Because of this, it became possible to refine (burn) the natural blue crystal to a rich, deep color.

And, according to its color, Topaz, has different abilities – and also according to the different colors they are valued differently.

So, for example, the Blue kind of Topaz is associated with the sea, based on its color, and it is believed that sailors were those who choose to wear this stone as protection on their long travels.

Sailors carried Blue Topaz in an attempt to avoid storms and find the right direction in fog.

The popularity of the Blue Topaz continued long after this – so in the Middle Ages, it became popular among the Crusaders.

But, in these times, this stone had a more romantic note, this crystal was often a choice for ladies of that time.

Have in mind that this stone does not love direct sunlight, as its bright colors will begin to fade, except for the colorless ones: both irradiated and non-irradiated crystals.

For example, pink, purple, and rare red gems are subject to rapid and uneven fading, and they do not like attractive anymore.

But, if you do not want to watch them closely, you can opt for green and blue Topaz that lose their color more slowly – it can take years.

However, natural stones regain their natural color when in the dark, and look very attractive for sure.

Smoked topaz – stone is not related to topaz, despite its name.

This is one of the varieties of quartz, due to its unusual color mistakenly attributed to topaz, but the name was retained and fixed in the commercial classification.

Spiritual Meaning

Topaz is a stone that is endowed with many spiritual properties, but it does not tolerate any lies or untruths, and this ability was known even in ancient times.

If the person who carries this stone is honest, this mineral will help solve the most unsolvable problems.

When you carry this stone, as an amulet, you are getting powers that assist you in resolving complex issues by using your logic.

But not only, this, but Topaz stone is also known for being able to give you the energy of positivity, so that not any part of negativity can break through it.

It is just like a shield, and we have already said that people call it “heavy”, not because this stone is big, but because it tries to guide a person on the right path.

It is like big guidance that is leading the person on the right track.

As already mentioned, in the previous section, in the ancient world topaz was considered a stone that could reveal secrets.

With his help, it was possible to influence others, subjugate people and expose intrigues.

It was used abundantly, and even nowadays people love to use it to reveal anything hidden, misdeed, and anything that is not as it seems at first glance.


The Topaz stone is the symbol of generosity and sincerity in thoughts and actions regarding the person who carries the stone.

It is an of kind blocker that blocks the actions of evil and envious people.

Not only this, the Topaz stone is the symbol of pure and bright feelings – just like love, friendship, purity of soul, and prudence.

It wakes up all of these and makes a person better, or want to become better so he or she is doing everything in this direction.

Also, the Topaz stone comes as a symbol of kindness, peace, and wisdom; giving the person who wears this stone an optimistic outlook on life.

It is the stone that because of its qualities is giving people peace of mind, and what that outlook does is give such enjoyment on good and bad days as well.

Each day of life has its meaning and purpose; it is easier to live like this when you know that everything has its purpose.

Peace of mind is accented here, and people are peaceful and can control any unreasonable or unbridled anger that comes as a consequence of a stressful lifestyle.

And, one more thing, Topaz is the stone that increases the vital energy of the person who carries this stone, and therefore it is perfect to be used by all those who are indecisive.

Or those who have unbalanced energy and are lost in their own goals and desires.

All of them should have Topaz in their collection, as it will assist them in all of these issues.

Topaz Stone Healing Properties

As we have said this stone is known for a variety of its healing abilities.

People who are under stress, anxious and angry, and have constant tantrums, should use Topaz abundantly, for meditation and otherwise.

Those who have constant problems in this regard should wear jewelry with Topaz so that they can control their urges more frequently.

It is the stone that will wake them up and make them more generous and friendly toward their environment.

But, before this, we must say that the normalization of the mental state is one of the main properties of this mineral.

The crystal copes amazingly well with insomnia and will be a good amulet for those suffering from chronic depression and obsessive fears.

One of the main properties of topaz is the normalization of a person’s mental state, which could be the core problem for many.

This is the reason why it is not a bad idea to leave this stone in a children’s room so that they could sleep better and fight night terrors.

Different colors have different traits and healing abilities, as we have said.

So, the Blue kind is the type that you should use when you are surrounded by disloyalty and lies.

Blue topaz could be used for treating poisoning, and this ability was known in the old days.

There is even a belief that if the Blue Topaz is put in the glass where there is poison, then the poisoned drink would change color, and this could be the perfect way to check your drink, if is there anything toxic in it.

In the Middle Ages, this was a regular practice.

The Blue kind is also amazing for dealing with depression better than others.

It also strengthens the immune system; for the treatment of bone diseases, and infertility in women, as well as in the treatment of tonsillitis. It could be used against heart attack and stroke.

Some say that you should use Topaz, and the Blue kind most notably, to treat disorders of the endocrine system, the gallbladder, spleen, and liver. Arthritis, rheumatism, sexual dysfunction – use Topaz if you are dealing with these issues.

Normalization of the blood system could be treated with this stone, as well to use this stone for any sight problems.

The Golden kind should be used for giving peace of mind and a sense of deep calm.

It should also be used for promoting conception in older age and helps to find the joy of motherhood for those ladies who are struggling with postpartum depression.

The Golden kind is used for treating restless people who have problems with their nerves. It is also good for the eyes.

White Topaz can strengthen the immune system and the human nervous system and has a positive effect on the emotional state.

Amulets made of white topaz are a very good protective tool.

In addition, this stone is used to maintain clarity of thought.

The Pink Topaz gives protection.

It is believed that when you carry this stone and you are about to meet the love of your life, or a soulmate, as some like to refer to it, then the Topaz changes its color.

For example, this stone will go from bright yellow to soft gold.

In general, Topaz is great for excessive bleeding, for normalizing blood pressure, or for any respiratory problems, like asthma.

It is suggested to be worn around the neck, for topaz protection and resistance.

It is best combined with silver and then it could help with insomnia or epilepsy.

This stone could be used for the treatment of any chronic disease, its healing abilities will increase the effectiveness of other methods of treatment.

Topaz Stone Metaphysical Properties

The Metaphysical properties of the Topaz stone are known since ancient times.

For example, in ancient Greece, this mineral was also highly valued, especially among the male half of the population.

They believed that the Topaz stone brings wisdom, generosity, and rational thinking to people.

Ladies of that time firmly believed that this stone will give them beauty. The magical property of the Topaz Stone is its ability to repel a lie, to protect from evil, and a person should use it to collect their thoughts, focus on a specific problem and solve it perfectly.

Topaz does not let any negativity in the form of anger and hatred into people’s lives.

In addition to all of the above, this mineral can be of great use in diplomatic negotiations, and various business ventures – it develops intuitive thinking and leads to the only correct decision.

Now, all those who want to dig deeper, and let this stone take them to a place where they could not go by any other way, should know that Topaz’s supernatural properties have been used for a very long time and with constant success.

It is the perfect protective stone against the influence of dark forces.

A person who carries this mineral is reliably protected from unreasonable phobias and long-term depressive states.

When combined with gold, Topaz can reveal the creative force within the person.

Those who struggle with their creativity should wear Topaz anywhere they go.

Topaz awakes our full potential. This crystal directs the wearer to inner enlightenment and promotes optimism and joy in every moment of life.

The magical properties of Topaz will remove the fears that torment its owner, and give spiritual comfort and tranquility.

It has a beneficial effect on sleep and also allows you to see prophetic dreams.

It can magically restore a person’s lost hope, ease sad experiences and help cope with stress.

Other Benefits and Uses

We have said that ladies love to use this stone, as it is believed that this mineral will help them preserve their youth and beauty for a long time, and protect their health.

Topaz is not only this – it is said that people who are married should use this stone, so it can assist them in preserving marital happiness, and give them healthy offspring.

Not surprisingly, Topaz is called the stone of fidelity.

If a man wears this stone, he will forever remain faithful to his lover, and it alos applies to the lady, but the man must wear the stone.

Topaz is considered to be one of the most exquisite minerals that can raise human aspirations and does not tolerate lying people; anything that could be characterized as deceit is not going to pass by this stone. Also, this stone can serve as a talisman for those who are looking for some information, want to get to the bottom of the truth, and expose a difficult matter.

It can cure depression, and restore a positive attitude and mood to its owners.

Some say that this stone is not suitable for people living in large families. In this case, Topaz can disrupt relationships between households.

Zodiac Birthstone

Topaz Stone is perfect for all people who are Scorpios – these people are known to be very extreme.

In all of their actions, they tend to go to extremes, and Topaz will help them restore and harmonize the balance of thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes Scorpios become uncontrollable and overly self-confident, and this is fraught with serious conflicts with relatives and colleagues.

The stone smooths out conflicts, helps avoid unnecessary stress, and restores harmony in relationships with others.

Scorpios have a very rich wild nature – they have, according to astrologers, great opportunities for self-improvement, while Topaz will lead to this directly and safely.

This mineral will teach Scorpios how to focus on the main thing and think about their destiny; not in a fatalistic way, as they would normally do, but in a much more calm way.

It will also teach Scorpios how to live in harmony with others, as they could be aggressive and direct their actions toward vengeance.

This is particularly important when we are talking about the Scorpio people who are in their adulthood, as then the changes in their aggressive attitude when they are older are hard.

Scorpio men will gain courage, bravery, and wisdom, for example, if they use particularly the Blue kind mineral.

And for Scorpio women, if they use Topaz stone it will give them irresistibility and incredible beauty that will be even more enhanced.

It is the birthstone for all those who celebrate their birthdays in November.

But, we must add that people who are born in the Taurus Zodiac sign should avoid by all means wearing Topaz, as they will not benefit from it.

Libras, Pisces, Scorpios, Leos, Cancers, Aries, and Virgos could also benefit from Topaz crystal.


Topaz could be combined with gold and silver for sure, and it will look wonderful and have different abilities.

It has a wide range of colors: from pink to blue and purple shades.

This is why jewelers appreciate this stone so much because jewelry made of it looks very elegant, but at the same time, it is affordable.

There is an input that says that this stone should be worn as a piece of jewelry on the index finger of the right hand, preferably in a gold ring or as a pendant around the neck.

In the jewelry market, Blue topaz is highly valued, and when you buy it know that the Blue kind has the same qualities as the White one.

How to Cleanse and Charge Topaz Stone?

Regularly clean your stones so that all bad energies could be “washed away).

You can cleanse Topaz Stone with a soft cloth and a bit of water and soap

Do not overdo it, do not use aggressive soaps, and do not rub too much.

Charge it by placing it for just a couple of hours in the Sun, in the morning.

Some charge this stone on the Moonlight, as then there is no chance that the direct sunlight could damage the stone.

Never put it in direct sunlight and never expose it to sudden temperature changes.

How much does Topaz Stone cost?

The most beautiful crystals of almost all existing colors are mined there. In particular, the price includes blue and transparent minerals and the so-called “Brazilian rubies”.

Pink This type of mineral is considered one of the most expensive, along with red topaz and orange kinds.

Green topaz is quite a rare, collectible stone.

Besides all of this, Topaz is not an expensive stone.

For example, a ring with Bluestone could be bought for less than 50 dollars, depending on the other elements of the ring.

Just a tiny stony cost just a couple of dollars, since the price for 100 grams is around 10 dollars.

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Topaz has been valued by people since ancient times, as proof of this could be found in ancient cities (or their remains), as in that time Topaz was used for religious purposes.

Archaeologists have discovered ritual objects made of Topaz, as well as various ornaments that were also used for religious purposes.

It is known that this stone was highly valued in the Renaissance for example and that it was very popular in Russia, where people knew it by the name “heavy”, which the mineral got because of its high density.

But the Heaviness is not reserved only for its material traits, but for its heavy impact on people, as a protective force, against negativity and bad impacts.

In addition, some Topaz stones can be found in museums, as one of the kinds wonders of nature – the smallest one is around 10 kg, and is seen stored in the Saint Petersburg Museum.

The largest – 117 kg – was discovered in Ukraine.

Stones of unusual size were also found in Brazil.

In terms of its properties, Topaz should be used for numerous things; it helps people see through lies and uncover conspiracies.

People who live in an unhealthy environment should use this stone, as it will help them find the truth in all situations.

This crystal can resolve various conflicts, and some believe that it can assist in the process of reconciliation.

Good for people who are in some conflicts with others, and bring interlocutors to mutual understanding.

This mineral will alleviate fears and help inner enlightenment; it is great for bringing inner peace.

Calms and neutralizes stress and helps in dealing with negative emotions. This stone introduces a person into a meditative state, so it is not recommended for people who are too dreamy – it will take them away from reality even more.

But, with the guidance of more experience, therapists all of us could use Topaz.

This stone is believed to be able to give strength to the weak, beauty to women, and potency to man; those who are struggling can obtain wealth and recognition and maintains an optimistic outlook on life.

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