Vesta in Aquarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

Astrology is ever full of surprises. Whenever you think you know all about it, there is something that you did not know before to get into focus.

Astrology is a very vast field or, even better, a range of various practices based on the same core idea.

Our lives are written in the stars. There is some higher purpose to our existence and our being, many would agree.

According to astrology, it is the position of the planets that shapes up our frame of life, so to say.

Astrology has been around us for very long; actually, it has been accompanying the very development of human civilization.

Regardless of religious and belief systems overall, the idea of heavens having something to do with our destiny and life paths has been around since ever.

As a science, astrology had its ups and downs and turbulences.

Until the seventeenth century, it was still appreciated in the scholarly circles, taken hand in hand with astronomy and medicine, for instance.

Many great philosophers, inventors, astronomers, geniuses of our history were astrologers.

However, at some point in time, these disciplines were separated from one another.

Despite its long use and practice, astrology is now labeled a pseudo science.

Be it as it may, it is still in use and widely popular.

Astrology, like acknowledged scientific fields, is based upon a set of principles and rules, methodology and knowledge.

A good astrologer has to know everything about each important segment of astrology.

Astrology is very profound and wide; there are many practices associated with it or simply taken as branches of astrology, such as numerology, for example.

What interests us here is personal astrology, that is, readings of personalized, individual natal charts or comparisons between the charts.

Most of us would like to know what the starts have in store for us personally and/or for the people we care about.

Personal horoscopes are represented in the for of natal charts – diagrams representing the position of planets at the time someone was born.

According to astrology, planetary placement define who we are, that is, shape us our potentials and capacities.

Asteroids in Astrology

It is important to know that natal charts, that is, personal horoscopes are unique, unrepeatable and a bit flexible, in a very specific way.

They do not work as a concrete prediction and prophecy; they are a forecast of possibilities.

A detailed reading of one’s natal chart helps the person realize who they are and what potentials do they hold.

Sometimes we are not actually aware of our own potentials. Natal charts help discover them.

Personal horoscopes are individual and specific; there are no two same ones.

Each position of each planet, each interaction between those planets will play out in a unique way depending on the person in question.

So, you are probably familiar with planets seen in natal charts: ten planets of our solar system, including luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.

However, there other celestial bodies to look at, such as asteroids.

Asteroids were not known in old days. They were discovered on the verge of the nineteenth century and introduced into astrology during the late previous one.

In a way, they are still fresh in astrology; asteroids brought a much needed refreshment to the field.

It is interesting to note that asteroids entered the area of astrological readings in the time of great socio-cultural movements and changes.

Four major asteroids represent the feminine principle and are named after the four powerful goddesses.

Before asteroids, only the Moon and the planet Venus were the carriers of the feminine astrological principle. Asteroids made an important step ahead.

The four major asteroids are known as Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

They carry names and energies of goddesses Hera/Juno, Hestia/Vesta, Pallas Athena/Minerva and Demeter/Ceres, as these are known in Greek/Roman mythology.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of the four major asteroids in astrology, the four named after very important feminine deities of the ancient times.

Each person possesses both the masculine and feminine principle within. These asteroids represent the feminine.

Knowing the placement of a particular asteroid within your natal chart is like getting to know another fine layer of your own personality.

It helps us understand ourselves much better, as well as the people and the world we live in.

Vesta or Hestia was the ancient goddess of the hearth. Hestia was much admired goddess in ancient Greece, and Vesta in Rome.

Hestia guards the flame on the Olympus mount.

She was the goddess of the hearth of the home, the pillar of the family, the guardian of that special place in everyone’s home, the place of gathering, nurture, union, the very center.

Hestia represents an archetype of a woman who is strong, but silent, modest, dedicated, the hidden force behind all outer events.

In a world dominated by masculine energy, she embodies the essential part of it, though one that does not take up the spotlight.

Her nature is quiet and introverted and  focused on the inner-self, although in a very specific, non-egoistic way.

How could it be and what does it have to do with the manifestation of the asteroid Vesta’s position within a natal chart?

Hestia/Vesta’s introvert nature and orientation inwards is associated with the wholeness, with the connection with the ultimate principle of the Whole; it is, strangely, an egoless orientation towards the self.

The asteroid Vesta represents home, center, focus dedication, purity, integration, stability, purpose in life.

It represent the area of life to which we will be the most dedicated to, it stands for our devotion and dedication precisely.

It is about things that are dear to our heart, in which we see the purpose worth every effort. Vesta also represent patience and persistence.

There is no rush and impulsiveness with Vesta. Let us see how it plays out in Aquarius.

Aquarius Personality and Traits

Before we move onto this very interesting placement of Vesta, let us see how Aquarius sign is like.

Aquarius is one of the visionary signs of the zodiac, probably the most avant-garde and visionary one.

Aquarius rules the Eleventh house in astrology, the field associated with social connections, with community, friendship, relations on a wider plan.

This zodiac sign is ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus.

It is interesting that both of these planets are considered karmic ones, while, at the same time, their qualities are opposing.

Saturn is conservative, meticulous,  slow, limiting, while Uranus is everything the opposite – unconventional, innovative, eccentric and fast.

In Aquarius, the influence of Uranus prevails.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are always just a bit ahead of their times, if nothing more, in their ideas and visions of life.

They are all but conservative and slow.

Aquarius people are intuitive, unique, original in their thoughts and actions.

For a good reason they are called ’children of the future’. It seems as they know things most of others are yet to discover, in a far future.

These people are visionary, independent, free-thinking.

Although they value their freedom above everything else, cannot be restrained easily or dominated by others’ ideas, they have a wide heart, they are tolerant, extremely philanthropic and altruistic.

They work for a greater good, although they sometimes neglect things and relations that are just before their noses.

They dream big and believe in a mission. Aquarius people are unbeatable optimists; they truly believe the world can become a better place.

They are very intellectual, very broad-minded, in every sense. Aquarius people are sociable and they easily form new friendships and enter romantic relationships.

However, it is not easy to tell if they are really into you or not.

Although it has been said that Aquarius people are promiscuous, the truth is they explore possibilities and see life as a journey, a quest for an ideal.

They are the most likely to sty friends with people they have previously been dating.

These adventurous visionary free thinkers are people who, in one way or another, leave their mark.

Intuitive and positive, they truly believe in humankind. Let us see how asteroid Vesta feels in this position.

Vesta in Aquarius – General Information

People with Vesta in Aquarius present with the best combination of qualities of asteroid Vesta and the sign of Aquarius, if the placement is favorably affected.

These natives are philanthropists, humanitarians, altruistic overall.

They have a higher purpose in life – they see it so. These people would dedicate their life to helping others, be it on a major or a minor scale.

They are very inventive, intuitive and open-minded.

The sociable and active nature of Aquarius only adds to the protective and devoted nature of Vesta.

Vesta Aquarius people are interesting into understanding the humankind as it is and into contributing to its growth and development.

These people are selfless and daring. They would readily defend their ideas, convinced it is for the greater good.

They are often misunderstood by their surroundings, for being too much ahead of their own time, in terms of their concepts and ideas.

Vesta in Aquarius – Positive Traits

Vesta Aquarius people are incredibly positive and optimistic.

They believe this world could become a much better place and they would dedicate their time to finding ways to achieve it.

They are not easily discouraged and brought down.

Even if they face failure, they will simply take it as a part of a much bigger and more important journey.

They are protective, warm-hearted, very sociable and friendly.

They are tolerant and full of understanding, yet independent and self-confident.

Vesta in Aquarius – Negative Traits

Vesta in Aquarius people could go too far with their idealistic projections and occupation with a higher purpose that they start neglecting things that take place in their closest surroundings.

They sometimes appear ignorant of the needs of these around them.

It is difficult to figure out if they really care about you personally or not, for they always chase some greater and higher purpose and sometimes fail to realize that these are all essential and precious parts of the puzzle.

Although it is not by definition a negative trait, Vesta Aquarius people often feel as if they are strangers, wherever they go, regardless of their active socializing, friendly approach and generally easy communication and connection.

Vesta in Aquarius Man

Vesta Aquarius men are daring in their ideas, very inventive and innovative.

They dream big and they believe there is a higher purpose in their life.

They enjoy deal, long, profound conversations. They are free-thinking, altruistic and sociable.

These natives could inspire masses. They are optimistic and humanitarian.

However, we cannot say they are particularly romantic or ready emotionally to connect with others, despite of their altruism and love of the humankind on a big plan.

Vesta in Aquarius Woman

Vesta Aquarius ladies are open-minded, intuitive, visionary.

They would like to make this world a better place and they would never abandon the cause.

They are intelligent, outgoing, very friendly and sociable.

These ladies are always full of original ideas, being a step ahead of their own times, even eccentric.

They value their independence and freedom.

Curious and introspective, broad-minded and having a sense of a higher purpose, they do not commit easily.

Vesta in Aquarius – Brief Summary

Vesta in Aquarius people are some of the most inventive and altruistic natives in astrology, although this placement would, of course, play out differently in different natal charts.

However, they are generally characterized by the sense of a higher purpose.

They are also characterized a bit of a feeling they are ahead of this world, which they would like to contribute to and make a better and more benevolent place for all of the humankind and life.

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