Vesta in Aries – Personality Traits & Meaning

Astrology is, as its name suggest, a study of the stars, although not everyone would agree it falls under the category of actual sciences; it is generally considered a pseudo science.

However, it is one of the oldest sciences, regardless of how one perceives it.

We could trace origins of astrology into far past.

Since most people identify astrology with the term of horoscope, which is not, in fact, correct, we should note that the oldest horoscope discovered dates back into Babylonian culture.

Astrology studies the motion and placement of planets in relation to our lives.

Horoscope, that is, personal horoscope in the first place, is what most people are interested into.

Horoscopes are related to time and observance, which is the literal meaning of the term.

Personal horoscope is presented in the form of natal charts, birth charts.

Natal charts represent a frozen image of the sky, observed at the time of an individual’s birth.

Astrology has many fields and there are various types of horoscopes; however, what intrigues us the most are natal chart interpretations, that is, personal horoscopes.

Okay, what a natal chart could tell us? Since old times, people have been searching for answers by gazing into stars.

The mysteries of heaven evolved into many religious and spiritual paths, but all have something in common.

The secret of our lives, as well as individual life paths, is written in the stars.

Birth charts are no prophesies or predictions set in stone; birth charts offer us an insight into something beyond visible and things we are often unaware of.

Astrology tell us about our potentials and into what might happen.

Personal horoscopes are much more than your zodiac sign, that is, your Sun sign.

Horoscope encompasses all the planets, all zodiac signs and other important elements to interpret.

Asteroids in Astrology

Traditional astrology did not know about all the planets we know of today, let alone some other heavenly bodies.

In old astrological interpretations, only five planets were taken into account, plus luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.

In modern times, three planets were added – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Since they were not visible to the ancients, they were not included into vast field of old astronomy and astrology.

It is good to note that the two disciplines were not separated in the past, as they are today.

There are other celestial bodies playing an important role in the most recent astrological readings.

Besides planets – today we count ten astrological planets, luminaries included – there are also asteroids.

Asteroids have entered the field of astrology pretty late, since they were discovered recently, in comparison to our knowledge of planets.

Asteroids were incorporated into astrology in the era of very important socio-cultural changes that took part in the twentieth century.

They are associated with the feminine principle.

There are numerous asteroids known today, but four of them play a major role in astrology.

They are named Vesta, Juno, Pallas and Ceres.

These asteroids are named after four ancient deities.

The four asteroids carry attributes of four powerful female deities of the ancient world, four goddesses of the Greco/Roman world.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is Roman goddess of hearth, of family, home, security.

Her Greek counterpart is Hestia, one of the much appreciated and admired goddesses of the Olympian pantheon.

Hestia was the guardian of the Sacred Flame of the hearth.

Hestia or Vesta is a quiet, introverted deity, her power is not aggressive, not imposing or pompous.

She is an archetype of a woman of the days, the pillar of the family holding everything together, without stepping into the spotlight.

Vesta is modest, humble, dedicated, loving, protective and introverted.

This deity is associated with the inner world and inner strength but not in the terms of ego.

The goddess Hestia/Vesta represents women who are oriented towards the inner world, who do not need glory and recognition, in order to feel good.

The values this archetype embodies are opposite to values of the modern world.

Competition, recognition, fame, material wealth, social status and so on, are out of Vesta principle tendencies and viewpoint.

The ego is disintegrated in Vesta and in service of the higher purpose.

Vesta do not have to prove to others, she is wise, calm, balanced.

Psychological profile of this archetype has to do with its mythological background; it derives from the Greek myth of Kronos, the titan who devoured his children, later saved by the mighty god Zeus, the ruler of Olympus.

Hestia was the first devoured and the last to be freed, from Croons’ body.

Of all Kronos’ children, she spent the longest period in the darkness and solitude.

The main traits of Vesta asteroid archetype are devotion and dedication, centralization of the self, but not in an egoistic manner, determination, oneness, focus, attention, patience, humbleness.

The asteroid Vesta in the natal chart tells about one’s personal dedication to goals, devotion, attitude towards spiritual development, health, perseverance of traditional values, solitude, trust, protection and guardianship.

Aries Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the analysis of Vesta in Aries placement, let us see into the sign of Aries.

Aries is the ruler of the First House in astrology, it is the first sign of the zodiac.

In that sense, Aries stands for a new born individual, full of energy, strength and vitality to grow and develop.

Aries people are aware they are the first, which greatly affects and shapes up their attitude towards life.

Therefore, many of the representatives of this sign firmly believe they were born to lead others.

People born under the sign of Aries are fiery, energetic, strong – often physically strong, as well.

They believe everything in life is possible and achievable. You will have hard times persuading them otherwise.

Aries tend to be very enduring and persistent, if the want something, even aggressive.

The ruler of this sign is powerful Mars, the god of war.

Mars provides Aries with determination, zeal, energy and strength.

Aries people are not afraid of troubles or conflicts, as some other signs. They are direct, straightforward, brutal.

However, these ones are not vengeful. They are highly optimistic and dynamic.

These people do not waste time on analyzing why someone acts like this or that.

They are not jealous of others nor they would dedicate much time to interpret motives of other people.

Aries people do not give up easily. If the fall, they quickly get themselves back together and move on.

It takes much to traumatize and Aries. They lack intuition and subtleness.

People born under the sign of Aries are guided by ’the strongest survive’ motto.

They don’t care much if others cannot follow their dynamic and rhythm.

It is very important to teach Aries kids about compassion and gentleness.

Vesta in Aries – General Information

How does Vesta feels in this placement? Vesta, the feminine principle of calmness, dedication, introverted nature, patience, the silent power from within, ego-less, if something like that could be said, and Aries, the masculine principle of determination, force, dynamic, action?

Although they seem very different, Vesta and Aries, in astrological sense could be a very interesting combination.

People who have Vesta in Aries could achieve a balance between these two extremes.

They hold to their beliefs and opinions, and do not remain quiet.

They have strong personal integrity and are not easily shaken by the outer events.

They find firm ground within their family surroundings.

Vesta, the guardian of hearth fire and Aries, the unstoppable warrior, can do really well together, if aspects were favorable.

In other words, Vesta Aries people would do whatever it takes for their loved ones.

They are not selfish, jealous, possessive. They are strong figures, admirable and worth of every respect.

Vesta Aries people are individuals you can rely on.

They are highly individualistic and have no problem if the majority does not accept them; they are respected and awed.

These people are fearless, when they set a goal to achieve.

They are full of energy and generally take good care about themselves in every single sense.

We can think of Vesta Aries people as noble, brave warriors.

Vesta in Aries – Positive Traits

Much of the Vesta Aries traits could be beneficial both to these people and those around them.

Fearless, devoted and focused, they do not give up on their goals.

They do not give up on people they care for, either.

They stand out from the mass; while they themselves do not need much assistance from others, they would be there to encourage others by their own example.

These people are very self-aware and always work on self-improvement.

There is no mountain they cannot climb, or ocean they cannot cross, if they have a goal.

Vesta Aries people care about traditional and family values, in general.

They will readily stand for those and see to be a pillar of their own family.

Vesta in Aries – Negative Traits

Vesta Aries people are fiery and dynamic, usually balanced, devoted and determined, but it could happen that they warlike energy prevails.

In that case, they could be self-centered in a negative way, neglecting others, instead of paying attention to other people needs.

If the chart was not favorable towards this placement, they embody all the negative sides of this powerful combination; they become overly competitive, egoistic, isolated and very selfish.

Vesta in Aries Man

Vesta in Aries men are very self-confident and, if the aspects were favorable, they can move mountains.

They have a firm ground in their values and, starting from there, they can do a lot.

These men embody an ennobled masculinity. They are an embodiment of power in its purest form, admirable and awed.

They are vigorous and ambitious; with good aspects, their aims are noble, benevolent and beneficial.

Vesta Aries men know what they want in life and there is nothing to stop them.

They know that the only actual limitations are those that lie deep within our self.

These men are extremely self-reliant and independent, not because they distrust others, but because they really don’t need much help and assistance.

They will likely succeed, even without support, because they do not let any failure brings them down.

They fight for what they hold dear. Vesta Aries men are direct and they will openly express what they have in mind.

Although not particularly subtle in their attitude, they can blow your mind away with their masculine straightforwardness.

They are fathers to look upon, leaders to be inspired by.

They value their freedom, but would support others causes, if they find mutual language.

They are protective, guarding, leading.

Vesta in Aries Woman

Vesta Aries ladies share many traits with their male counterparts. Strong and independent, they would fight for what they care about.

These women value themselves and know that, in order to improve and achieve something, they have to stay calm, focused and goal-oriented.

Vesta in Aries women are resilient and far from stereotypical women, although feminine and breathtaking.

It is exactly the combo of focused, modest feminine Vesta and brave and daring masculine Aries that makes them so impressive.

These women love to be who they are and they will not try to hide neither their flaws nor their greatest qualities, since they are self-confident and generally satisfied with being their true self.

Vesta Aries ladies are daring and not easily manipulated.

They are open-minded and there is not much that can shock them, and they stick to their principles.

These women need a partner who can follow their drive and energy.

Vesta in Aries – Brief Summary

Vesta in Aries is a wild placement, so to say.

The actual manifestation of this placement in real life of a person would greatly depend on the rest of the natal chart and its aspects, of course.

However, some basic characteristics could be defined.

As we have seen, people with Vesta in Aries present with self-awareness, self-love, but typically not in a selfish and egoistic sense (unless the stars were unfavorable), determination, drive, dedication, persistence, strength, power.

These people are integral personalities; others cannot dictate them who they should be.

They express their care through action.

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