Vesta in Cancer – Personality Traits & Meaning

Vesta is one of the four asteroids of great importance in astrological readings.

Traditional and earlier modern astrology did not know about the existence and the role of asteroids in natal charts, but that changed.

Asteroids were recently discovered, if we think in terms of the very long presence of astrology in our lives.

Traditional astrology knew about five planets and two luminaries, while three new planets were added later.

Today, we count ten planets (luminaries included) and a significant number of other celestial bodies, asteroids included.

Astrology is old and it has been around since time of ancient civilizations.

Some of the oldest astrological readings preserved to this day originate from the old Middle East.

Astrology has been practiced all around the world and is still in use.

The ‘science of the stars’, as it is called, astrology studies the correlation between the planetary movement and our human destiny.

Back into past, it went hand in hand with astronomy; actually, the two were not divided.

According to astrology, planets and their motion greatly affect our individual life paths.

One’s horoscope, that is, one’s birth chart reveals many things about a person. It tells about our traits, characteristics, temperament, our potentials and capacities.

Astrological readings do not tell about events or circumstances set in stone; they offer us a deeper insight into what potentials we may manifest and how.

It tells about the possible outcomes. Astrology is not simply a divination, it is much more.

What is a horoscope, a personalized horoscope, a natal or birth chart?

It is a diagram representing the exact placement of planets at the time you came to this life.

Celestial bodies and aspects they form amongst each other affect one’s personality.

That said, there are no two charts that are exactly the same; there are no two human beings who are the same.

Each personality and each life is unique, even if we have twins born at the same moment in time.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the less known factors in astrological readings, the asteroids and their astrological role.

We will later focus on the asteroid Vesta and one of its possible placements.

Asteroids in Astrology

Asteroids entered the science of the stars pretty late.

They were not known until the beginnings of the nineteenth century and were introduced into astrology much later.

Asteroids were included into astrological readings ate the time of big social and cultural changes.

The moment decided upon the interpretation of asteroids’ role in astrology.

Many asteroids circulate within the space known as the asteroid belt, a space between planets Jupiter and Mars.

However, four of them deserve a special mention.

These four major asteroids are named after the four great ancient goddesses, known in Ancient Greece and Rome.

They are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres. These asteroids are named after goddesses Hera/Juno, Hestia/Vesta, Athena Pallas/Minerva, Demeter/Ceres.

Each of the asteroids, of course, carries the attributes of these deities.

They represent the feminine principle, which was, at the time of their introduction, a refreshment.

Before asteroids, only Venus and the Moon were representatives of the feminine principle.

These asteroids can tell much about who we are.

They offer us even deeper and more detailed insight into our capacities, potentials, traits, attitudes, tendencies and much more.

Their placement in our natal chart is of great importance.

The placement of asteroids does not change the entirety of our natal chart; it is a factor that has been overlooked for long.

Now, we can go much deeper into our readings.

Asteroids in specific positions shape up our personality.

Knowing the placement of particular asteroids will help you understand yourself and others much better.

Of course, it could be of great use when interpreting composite charts, in comparative astrology etc.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of the four major astrological asteroids. This asteroid is named after the goddess Vesta, as known in Roman times, Hestia in Greek.

This is a deity of great importance and of very important role in ancient mythologies.

Hestia was the goddess of the hearth, the keeper of the sacred Flame of gods, at the Olympus mountain. She was greatly respected and admired by ancient people.

Hestia was a quiet goddess, the solid and silent pillar of the most important institution there is, the family.

The goddess Vesta was worshipped as a protector of family structure, hearth, where everyone gathers, the goddess of home, of safety and security. She is powerful, but non-aggressive, steady, patient, solid as a rock.

Hestia is an archetype of a person, a woman in this case, who keeps things together, who maintains unity and stability, but who is introverted silent, without ever needing to enter the spotlight.

Hestia or Vesta does not need glory, praise and attention.

There is something particularly interesting about this deity; she looks into her soul, focused on her own inner world, but Hestia is not selfish and self-centered goddess.

The values of Vesta are in contrast with the attention-seeking and egocentric modern world.

In Vesta, Ego does not have self-centralizing role, but is disintegrated, it has a tendency to connect with the whole.

The role of Ego in Vesta is to work for higher purposes, not for the sake of its own good.

Vesta does not need to be acknowledged, recognized and glorified. Competition and rivalry are strange to her.

Vesta is associated with quietness, calmness, wisdom and balance.

According to Greek mythology, Hestia was the last of the Kronos’ children who was delivered from his body (as Kronos devoured his children, the myth says).

This explains her quiet, introverted, thoughtful nature and orientation towards the inner.

Asteroid Vesta is associated with patience, dedication, devotion, introverted nature, determination, modesty, purity, the higher purpose.

The placement of Vesta in a natal chart tells about our attitude towards traditional values.

It tells about health, perseverance, solitude, protection and safety.

The placement of Vesta reveals the object of dedication. It is also about trust and devotion.

Cancer Personality and Traits

Before we talk about Vesta in Cancer, let us tell a few lines about the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is one of the three Water element signs, characterized by very emotional nature and great intuition.

Cancer rules the Fourth House in astrology, which is the first of the three occult houses; the other two are ruled by Cancer’s water siblings, Scorpio and Pisces.

The fourth astrological field is associated with ancestors, home, life beginning and ending.

The ruler of the constellation of Cancer is the Moon, the passive, feminine, emotional planet, a luminary.

Both female and male representatives of the sign of Cancer carry some of the feminine attributes.

Those do not have to be visible, but they are a part of Cancer’s personality as a whole.

Cancer people are characterized by very complex psychology. They are very sensitive and extremely emotional ones, mutable, prone to dramatic mood swings.

Those Moon children could go through a whole series of emotions in just one day.

Laughing in the morning, they could experience episodes of genuine sadness in the afternoon, being cheery and enthusiastic in the evening and so on.

They are not easy to understand by those who are less sensitive.

Cancers are frequently misunderstood by people around them, due to their dramatic emotional changes.

They, however, feel what others cannot.

Cancer people are often melancholic and in need of solace. They are empathetic and compassionate.

Cancer people have great understanding for the pain of others and they care about people around.

Cancer would never leave you in a trouble, especially not in an emotional trouble.

They are supportive, caring, gentle and full of understanding. They need the same from others.

Although Cancers may appear too sensitive for their own good, even weak in the eyes of others, there is nothing that could stop them when it comes to the people they love.

Although timid by nature, they would use the last atom of strength to protect loved ones.

Cancer people love security, safety, a cuddly corner in their home.

They are prone to idealization of the past, knowing that everything will eventually pass.

They escape the cruel reality of life by entering the spiritual realm.

People born under the sign of Cancer are ready to sacrifice whatever it takes, in order to protect and save their family.

A Cancer would even tolerate others’ imposing and despotic attitude, hoping he or she could change one’s nature for the better.

Vesta in Cancer – General Information

Vesta in Cancer people are characterized by many virtues.

They are noble, humble, faithful and warmhearted.

These people have a heart full of love, they never calculate in relationships of any source, they are kind and trustworthy.

These people have a heroic nature, being ready to sacrifice all they have for the sake of the people they care about.

They may appear a bit shy or timid, but they are actually very brave.

Vesta Cancer people are not naive, though. They are cautious in building relationships and they take things slowly.

One has to be very patient if he or she would like to win a Vesta Cancer. These people need to know they can trust you.

In turn, they are extremely trustworthy and reliant. They would never leave anyone behind and they would offer they honest support, especially in an emotional sense.

Vesta Cancer people are sensitive, intuitive, they can feel others’ emotions.

There is nothing you can hide from them.

Even if you were not aware of your own feelings, a Vesta Cancer will be.

Vesta in Cancer – Positive Traits

Vesta Cancer people are loving and nurturing people.

They care about the well-being of people in their life and they are ready to do whatever it takes to keep the family together, to maintain valuable friendships, relationships etc.

A Vesta Cancer people never betray, cheat, leave people behind.

They can understand things that are not visible on the surface.

No matter how hard you try to hide it, they will know, and they will help you process the harsh emotions.

Vesta Cancer people listen to what others have to say and feel what others feel. It is a double-sided blade, one might say.

Vesta in Cancer – Negative Traits

True, Vesta Cancer people could be manipulated by others, even if being aware of what is taking place.

Sometimes they idealize people around and allow others to control them and make them servile, hoping it was for the greater good.

They could become too emotionally demanding and complicated to understand.

Vesta in Cancer Man

Vesta Cancer men are compassionate, caring and loving.

They usually live by a traditional set of values, putting family as a top priority.

They are very trustworthy and supportive.

They enjoy helping others, especially those that need some protection.

It takes time to win them over, because they need to be sure of your intentions towards them.

They need fully to trust you.

Vesta in Cancer Woman

Vesta Cancer women are pretty much like their male counterparts.

Loving and warmhearted, these ladies are very compassionate and capable of understanding others.

They are great listeners and cautious advisors.

Women with Vesta in Cancer are sophisticated, introverted and a bit shy.

However, when it comes to people they love, they are fearless.

Vesta in Cancer – Brief Summary

Vesta in Cancer is quite an impressive placement, for both Vesta and Cancer are associated with the importance of love, but love that is not pompous and loud, but strong in its quietness.

They are both associated with matters of home and family life.

Vesta in Cancer placement tells about one’s great ability of dedication, devotion, sacrifice, service to others, patience and calmness.

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