Vesta in Capricorn – Personality Traits & Meaning

Vesta is one of the four very important asteroids in astrological terms.

The four asteroids we will talk about in the following text are named after four ancient deities – four mighty and beautiful goddesses of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Asteroids are just one element of the vast (pseudo) science we know as astrology.

Astrology, that is, astrologia, a name originating in Greek language, literally means ’the study of stars’; we usually say the science of the stars.

It is very wide and complex field that could be understand as a range of various practices meant to help humankind see into future, understand the times we live in and much more.

Although astrology does have to do with divination, it is deeper than that.

Astrology is very old. It has been in use since very old times, and it is known that in old Mesopotamian cultures it was very popular.

There are various types and forms of astrology we know of today, such as Hindu, Chinese or Mayan astrology.

It is very important to note that astrology was taken as another discipline of scholars and it went hand in hand with studies of alchemy, medicine, meteorological studies and, of course, astronomy.

In other words, it was an academic practice.

All changed around the time of Enlightenment, with new concepts of science, astronomy in particular.

Since then, astrology lost its scholarly purpose, more or less. Throughout middle ages, for example, it was very much in use.

However, various peoples and societies, social classes etc. had various opinions of astrology.

For example, Byzantine emperors would readily rely on astrology, although it was, at the same time, openly considered a superstitious practice.

Today, astrology is still widely in use, although it is not recognized as an academic study.

Many people are uncertain about whether they should or should not believe into astrology.

Well, a good astrologer has to possess a lot of knowledge, practice and skill, in order to do a reading in an appropriate way.

Astrology, like other sciences, is based upon well-established rules and principles.

Asteroids in Astrology

Astrology is definitely not just another divination practice, but a full study of various phenomena, based upon the movement of the planets.

Most people would like to know about the personal astrology, that is, personal horoscopes.

The meaning of the term ’horoscope’ is as follows: the observance of time.

In terms of personalized horoscopes, it is a study – a reading – of a particular moment in time, the time of someone’s birth.

This particular moment is represented in the form of a birth chart.

Birth charts are based on one’s precise time, date and place of birth and no chart could be the same as another.

Even twins would have their charts manifested in a different way.

Each human being and each life on this planet are unique. There are no two same destinies and two same people.

That is what makes this life amazing and colorful.

Natal charts represent the distribution of the known planets over astrological houses, their mutual connections etc.

However, there are more celestial bodies to consider, besides planets. Asteroids.

Asteroids entered the field of astrology late; they were discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but it was not until the next one that asteroids were introduced into astrological readings.

There are probably some old-school astrologers who still do not use asteroids in their readings, although asteroids have definitely been gaining more and more attention.

The placement of an asteroid within one’s natal chart would refine the total knowledge about someone’s life, gained from the natal chart.

Asteroids represent some subtle, but very important traits within us.

Each of the asteroids carry specific principles and characteristics.

Knowing about their potential manifestation in our own life could be of great use.

It would help us understand our lives and our relations much better.

Vesta in Astrology

Amongst astrological asteroids, four take a very specific place.

These are named after four female deities of the ancient world.

These four asteroids represent feminine principle and archetypes. They carry attributes of the four goddesses.

They are known as Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, named after goddesses Juno (Roman)/Hera (Greek), Vesta/Hestia, Minerva/Pallas Athena and Ceres/Demeter.

Before the introduction of asteroids, only two astrological planets represented the feminine principle and those were Venus and the luminary Moon.

With asteroids, it all changed. It is important to note that each one of us carries both masculine and feminine principle within.

In order to understand the meaning of asteroid Vesta and its placements in astrology, we have to turn to the goddess Vesta/Hestia.

In Ancient Greece, Hestia was the keeper of the sacred flame of the Mount Olympus and she was very much appreciated goddess.

Hestia represents an archetype of a woman who is a silent guardian, the pillar of the family, the silent force keeping everything together.

Hestia or Vesta was the goddess of the hearth, the protector of the very core of every family home.

Her nature is introverted, quiet, modest and she is associated with purity, silence, chastity, servitude.

Although her quiet nature is self-oriented, it is not in an egoistic way, but in a very specific relation with the Whole.

In Hestia, Ego is disintegrated and it tends to unite with the Whole, which is above everything else.

Hestia is a goddess associated with focus, dedication, devotion, protection, sacrifice. Hestia is a quite flame that resides within our soul.

Asteroid Vesta is about all the things, passions, responsibilities that feel close to our heart.

The placement of Vesta within a natal chart tells about the area of life we tend to be the most focused on and the most dedicated to.

According to mythology, Hestia was the last of the gods to be saved from the body of Kronos, the titan who devoured all of his divine children, save for Zeus who liberated his siblings.

She spent the longest time in quietness and darkness, which explains her specific introverted nature.

Capricorn Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the very placement of Vesta in Capricorn, it would be of great help to learn something about the sign of Capricorn itself.

Capricorn is the ruler of the Tenth house in astrology, the house of social status, reputation, acknowledgment, the peaks of life.

Capricorn is an earth element sound, ruled by the mighty Saturn, the most rigorous and gloomy astrological planet, according to many.

Saturn is the planet of distanced, a bit cold, enduring and serious people.

People born under the sign of Capricorn are known to be extremely patient and capable of enduring great suffering and injustice throughout their lifetime. No one else could do that.

Capricorn people take life very seriously, so they do not event expect it do be all fun and play.

Although they of course could feel happy and cheerful, there is always a shadow of gloominess over their face. It is as if they know what others don’t.

For Capricorns, there are no surprising turns in life; they know life carries pain and disappointment.

However, it does not discourage them. Capricorns could be incredibly determined and even stubborn, if they have a goal to reach.

Capricorns appear to be almost invincible, very difficult to provoke and harm, which makes them excellent leaders.

They are calculated and thoughtful, so they would extremely rarely make a hasty decisions.

These natives truly believe there are no things in life that could be achieved without obstacles. This makes them strict, cold and distant, but also determined, focused, calculated and resilient.

Capricorns are wise, as if they were born as grown ups. They are serious and very professionally oriented. Reputation and status mean a lot to them.

In general, Capricorns are quiet and introverted. Their outer armor prevents them from letting people get close to them.

In truth, and it is not an isolated case for Capricorns, they are afraid of being rejected and hurt.

Capricorns stay solo for long, until they make sure you are the right person.

Even then, their relationships could appear a bit like a contract or a professional agreement. It takes time for them to open up.

However, they are extremely loyal and reliable as partners.

Vesta in Capricorn – General Information

Vesta and Capricorn share some very similar traits, those of focus, discipline, quietness, patience.

Vesta in Capricorn people have these traits emphasized. They are usually very focused on the work they do, very disciplined and organized.

Natives with Vesta in Capricorn are detail-oriented people. They like to think through every step before they make a move.

They are calculated, excellent when it comes to time management.

Vesta Capricorn people know high goals cannot be reached without any obstacle, so they are ready to engage with whatever difficulty comes their way.

They are fearless in face of danger and deal with every trouble with a cool head.

Vesta in Capricorn – Positive Traits

Vesta Capricorn people are planners. They keep their head cool even in the greatest of crisis and could be the voice of reason in any situation, unmoved emotionally.

They do not let their feelings get them out of the track.

They are reliable and trustworthy people, ones who inspire owe and admiration in others. They keep their reputation trustfully clean.

These natives are determined in whatever they do and they have their own set of principles and high moral standards.

They always play fairly. They do not tolerate dishonesty, ticks and treason. You can trust them.

Vesta in Capricorn – Negative Traits

On a negative sign, both Vesta and Capricorn are a bit too introverted distant and cold.

Natives with these energies combined could be amazing when it comes to career and social status, but they lack warmth that would make them beloved by people.

They have hard time expressing their emotions, so even if they care about someone, it takes great intuition and effort top read them.

They could appear completely indifferent and uninterested, even if they were not.

In addition, they could become arrogant and they are not really good with giving compliments.

What is more, they rarely appreciate other people’s achievements and, with negative aspects, they could become bitter and envious of others.

Vesta in Capricorn Man

Men with Vesta in Capricorn are career-type men. They are highly organized, disciplined and determined.

They are always very serious about everything they do. They care about financial and social status a lot.

They would do whatever it takes to keep their reputation high.

They are fearless in face of challenges and usually very successful in life.

Vesta Capricorn males are dedicated to their thing. They are admirable and trustworthy, often chosen to be leaders.

Vesta in Capricorn Woman

Vesta in Capricorn ladies are no different from their male counterparts.

These ladies have very high expectations of themselves and are very focused on their goals.

They are oriented towards career success.

These ladies are classy, wise, serious and awe-inspiring

They are determined, ambitious and typically conservative, which also stands for Vesta Capricorn men.

Vesta Capricorn women are dominant and independent.

They prefer being in control of things, including their relationships.

Like their male counterparts, they could be cold and not particularly romantic.

Vesta in Capricorn – Brief Summary

Vesta in Capricorn is definitely a powerful placement, when it comes to ambition, organization, responsibilities and especially life goals in terms of career and social status.

People with Vesta in Capricorn are fearless in face of troubles and life challenges.

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