Vesta in Gemini – Personality Traits & Meaning

Let us take a look into the stars! Since far past, earthlings, that is, we, humans,  gaze into sparkling spots in heights above their heads, wondering if they can tell us something about the mystery of our existence and our personal life paths.

Human life is full of routines and well establish patterns, but also of unexpected turns and amazing things we could never imagine before.

Our lives represent a thrilling journey, which makes a part of the great cosmic plan.

Many systems of belief, spiritual paths and religions think of it the same way, with more or less similarities.

Some firmly believe in destiny and fate, others perceive our existence in a different way.

However, all have things in common.

There is something beyond our comprehension that makes our lives wonderful and scary, at the same time.

Many times over our lifetimes we would like to look around the corner and see what awaits us there.

Astrology could offer us some answers or, better, it could give us an insight into who we actually are and where are we heading.

Astrology is very old and it has been in use since most ancient era.

Astrology deals with the position of the planets of our solar system and its effects over our lives.

Astrology has many branches and it is associated with other fields, of which some are encompassed by astrology itself.

People are mostly interested into what we would call personal horoscope, making a common mistake, identifying the term of horoscope with astrology or simplifying both.

Personal horoscopes are associated with natal charts and their interpretation.

Astrological charts are schemes of the sky that represent the distribution of planets at one particular moment in time.

Birth charts are images of the sky presenting with planetary position at the time of one’s birth.

According to astrology, planetary position at the time we first came to this world shape up our personality and life path.

Asteroids in Astrology

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions astrology, horoscope and birth charts? Zodiac signs, of course, probably planets.

Horoscopes are much more than your ruling Sun sign.

In a natal chart, you will see all the planets and some other celestial bodies and elements.

Today, modern astrology counts ten planets and numerous other elements and factors.

In traditional astrology, only five planets were known, apart from the luminaries, the ’lights’, that is, the Sun and the Moon; the latter are also counted as planets, in astrological terms.

The last three of the known modern planets were added much later.

Therefore, we can speak about Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus Sun and Moon.

However, there other celestial bodies we should take into account.

Asteroids were discovered quite recently, in comparison to traditionally know astrological planets.

They were incorporated into astrological readings even later, in the twentieth century.

They entered the field of astrology in the time of certain important socio-cultural turbulences and changes.

As a consequence, they were associated with the feminine power and feminine principle.

Until the inclusion of asteroids into astrology, only two planets were associated with the feminine principle, lovely Venus and emotional dreamy Moon.

As our society changes, it influences everything around us, including astrology.

Therefore, asteroids in natal charts represent the feminine principle and its specific and unique variants, feminine archetypes.

Vesta in Astrology

Amongst numerous asteroids astronomy and astrology know today, four stand out as the most important.

They are Vesta, Juno, Pallas and Ceres.

As you can clearly see, they are named after four deities of Greco/Roman world, four mighty goddesses.

Each of the asteroids is associated with the attributes of the goddess, with her qualities and characteristics, with the female archetype she embodies in mythological and psychological sense.

What about the asteroid Vesta?

Vesta, in Roman pantheon, Hestia in Greek, was the goddess of the flame of the hearth, the goddess of home, safety, family warmth, the silent foundation of the family life, the mother and caregiver.

Vesta is an archetype of a woman in the world dominated by men.

The cult of the hearth fire is to be found in various belief systems across the globe, which speaks much about its importance; the hearth is the heart of the home and family.

Hestia was a goddess greatly admired as a keeper of the Sacred Flame on Zeus’ Olympus.

Vesta or Hestia is a quiet, modest, introverted feminine deity.

She is humble, dedicated, devoted, oriented towards the inner world, integral and self-centered, but not in a selfish, egoistic way.

Self-orientation of Vesta is not ego-orientation, but oneness, the connection with the universal, where the ego is disintegrated.

Vesta is something beyond pure ego-self.

Vesta asteroid is about purification, focus, concentration, dedication, sacrifice, integration, truth.

Vesta does not seek fame, glory and recognition; these concepts are irrelevant for Vesta.

The field in which Vesta resides within a natal chart reveals the area of life in which we will present with dedication and focus.

Vesta is the keeper of the flame of truth, traditional values.

Aspects Vesta creates with other planets tell about the connection of our primary focus and concentration with other qualities and energies seen within our natal chart.

Gemini Personality and Traits

Gemini sign rules the Third House, the field of communication, in the first place.

Gemini zodiac sign is governed by the youthful, curious Mercury, the messenger of gods, if we think of it as mercury/Hermes god.

Gemini people are, thus, lively, unstable, always on the move, but highly adaptable to various circumstances.

Of all signs, Gemini can feel good in thousands of different situations.

They are very curious and interested into various fields and topics.

Even contradictory subjects could catch their attention at the same time.

Gemini people can handle such variety of spheres, because they would rarely god into depths of any of those.

The most common stereotype about Gemini is that they are mutable and shallow.

Is there any truth here? Well, Gemini do not take many things very seriously, they knowledge is wide, rather than deep.

It is simply a matter of their mindset and inborn attitude.

A Gemini could tell you about things you never heard of, but he or she would not hold a philosophical debate about it.

They are friendly, communicative, approachable, pragmatic and logical.

Their logic is empirical, not philosophical. Gemini people are very positive and joyful; you will rarely see a melancholic or broken Gemini.

They have a youthful, vital and lively spirit.

A Gemini knows everything about everyone.

Gemini people are talkative and could become excellent public speakers. They are witty and funny.

Gemini people do not like routine; they think about it as of a cage. They are dynamic and active.

Most Gemini are very youthful in both appearance and character.

Vesta in Gemini – General Information

How does calm and stable asteroid Vesta feel in the field of youthful, playful Gemini?

Vesta Gemini people are eloquent, communicative and focused on what and how the things should be said.

They either consciously or subconsciously work on improving their communication skills.

Vesta Gemini people could become excellent advisors, as they know how to approach someone and what words to use.

These individuals are open and freely expressing their minds, in a sophisticated, calm manner, which is an amazing combination of both Vesta and Gemini traits, if the aspects were favorable.

Vesta in Gemini people enjoy long conversations.

The dedicated and focused Vesta is positively affected by the youthful and talkative Gemini; Gemini ’opens’ quiet Vesta, while Vesta ’tames’ unstable Gemini.

These people have a rational mindset and they do not like to romanticize life.

They are pragmatic and logical, and interested into learning and expansion of their overall knowledge.

The other side of such a type of persons is that they are not particularly sensitive and emotional; they are communicative and free-minded, curious about new things, but not really interested into making bonds.

Vesta in Gemini – Positive Traits

Vesta Gemini people care about learning and knowledge.

They know how to spread knowledge, which an excellent quality.

They know not only what to talk, but also how to talk about a certain subject.

They are excellent listeners, as they see everything and everyone as a source of new interesting an valuable information.

Vesta in Gemini people are amazing interlocutors.

Be sure you will learn about things you have never thought of, if talking to a Vesta Gemini and, what is more, the conversation will be engaging.

A Vesta Gemini person could become an amazing teacher, for example.

These individuals have an amazing vocabulary and they are verbal expressive. There is much to be learned from them.

They are not rash, but focused and concentrated, as learners, educators, advisors and listeners.

Vesta in Gemini – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Vesta Gemini people are not particularly sensitive.

They could not care less about romance and sweet talk, they like to learn and experience new things.

Although they are not demanding in an emotional sense, their attitude often leaves an impression of an indifferent person, when it comes to feelings, their own or others’ emotions.

Intellectual and communicative, these people are prone to rationalization of everything they feel or experience.

This prevents them from making deep bonds with people and they often avoid relationships, on a conscious or subconscious level.

Vesta in Gemini Man

Vesta Gemini men are charming and charismatic. They are likeable and fun to have around.

They will completely blow your mind away with their various experiences and the variety of topics they can discuss about.

These men are friendly and enjoy being the spirit of the gathering.

They like attention, but for a good reason; in turn, they will make everyone feel relaxed and positive. Their presence is uplifting and refreshing.

Vesta Gemini men know how to tell a story.

They have an excellent sense of humor, they know how to use words and make puns.

They could be amazing performers and public speakers.

These men handle pressure very well, so they can multitask and have no fear of public speaking. They can also be good diplomats.

Vesta Gemini men have a profound knowledge on many topics and, although they generally enjoy talking, they seek for an interlocutor whom can they have a profound discussion and conversation with.

They are intelligent, well-read, interested into expanding their viewpoint.

Vesta Gemini people do not commit to a serious romantic relationship easily.

They often maintain great friendships, but it takes much until they enter a stable relationship.

Vesta in Gemini Woman

Vesta Gemini women are smart, intellectual, curious and very talkative.

These charming ladies enjoy talking for hours. They are both excellent talkers and listeners.

These women are oriented towards knowledge expansion, they enjoy research, reading, exploration.

Their attitude is open, friendly and engaging.

Vesta in Gemini ladies love to make friends and they will always find time to hear an interesting story; in turn, they will share their knowledge.

There is much to be learned from them.

Their attitude is refreshing, joyful, optimistic.

Just like Vesta Gemini men, these women feel the best if they have someone to spend hours in profound conversation.

Similarly to their male counterparts.

Vesta Gemini women do not enter a relationship easily.

They struggle to maintain romantic relationships, as they are oriented towards personal growth in the intellectual sense.

Women with Vesta in Gemini enjoy sharing experiences and things they have recently discovered.

They are free-spirited and curious about life.

Vesta in Gemini – Brief Summary

Vesta in Gemini placement presents with a specific set of qualities.

Vesta in Gemini people are talkative and versatile in Gemini way, but they are not typically shallow.

In contrast, they enjoy profound topics and long talks.

Vesta Gemini people are oriented towards improving the communicative skills, they choose their words very well, they are intellectual and well-read.

They are easy going, friendly and open to others’ opinions and stories.

People with Vesta in Gemini are amazing storytellers.

They are lively and curious, but focused onto subjects they find the most engaging.

They can teach you various things and they will readily learn from others.

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