Vesta in Leo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Vesta is one of the four major asteroids in astrology, the four celestial bodies named after the four majestic deities of the ancient world, beautiful and powerful Greek/Roman goddesses.

Asteroids were introduced into astrology quite recently.

Asteroids were not known in older times, since they are not as easily noticed and observed as some of the planets in our solar system.

Traditional astrology knew about five planets to which three were added later, upon their discovery.

Old and earlier modern astrology did not know about asteroids. Astrology and astronomy, these sister fields were inseparable from one another in the old times.

Many of the famous astronomers and scientists and inventors of old in general were often at the same time astrologers.

If we travel back into far past, we sill meet ancient astronomers, scholars, philosophers and many others, who were inclined towards astrology.

Notable and important figures of the past, such as emperors and empresses, kings and queens, military leaders and others often sought for astrological guidelines and directions, regardless of their philosophical thought, their faith etc.

In our day, astrology is considered a pseudo science, although it has principles and methodology just as other acknowledged scientific fields.

However, astrology does not offer concrete answers in terms some other related fields do.

Astrology should be understood as a bond between our earthly lives and the higher realm.

According to astrology, our lives are influenced by some higher forces, heavenly forces, those that come from some sort of cosmic energetic flow and exchange.

Indeed, movement of planets certainly affect the life on earth.

However, according to astrology, it has an incredible impact over each individual’s life, to the point that our destiny is somehow shaped by the planetary motion.

In order to find out how planets affect one’s life, astrologers create and read their natal charts.

Natal or birth charts are basically images of the sky taken at one particular moment in time – the precise time of one’s birth.

Asteroids in Astrology

These astrological, that is, natal charts are based upon one’s exact time, place and date of birth.

Each chart is unique and uniquely manifested in real time. It could be understood as a setting for one’s life.

Even twins would have different life paths.

Although their charts would be based on almost the same second, place and time of birth, they will be different, they will manifest differently, as the life goes on.

Natal charts are a set of capacities, potentials, circumstances etc.

Therefore, all those will manifest in a unique way, in each individual.

Knowing your natal chart could help you better understand what you can operate with.

Now, let us move back to asteroids and their place in astrology.

Asteroids were discovered only recently, in comparison to planets we are very much familiar with. They were included into astrology practically in our time.

Asteroids entered the vast and rich field of astrology in the moment of very important changes of values within society, related to femininity and feminine roles.

There are many of asteroids known today, but four of them play a very big role in astrological readings.

These four asteroids are named after Greco-Roman deities, four goddesses.

These are Hestia/Vesta, Pallas Athena, Hera/Juno and Demeter/Ceres.

As with planets, these asteroids are known by Roman names, save for Pallas, which carries the Greek name of Athena Pallas.

In any case, these four asteroids tell about the feminine principle and its variants.

These four goddesses are archetypes of women and they tell about different aspects of femininity, its place within society of the times.

Four asteroids carry the attributes of these deities and tell about their role in our lives.

As you probably know, both feminine and masculine principles are present in each one of us.

In order to know what potentials we have, regarding those, we should look into our natal chart.

It could help us better understand both the world we live in and our inner world.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of the four aforementioned major asteroids in astrology.

Vesta in Roman tradition, Hestia in Greek mythology, the goddess of hearth and the sacred flame.

Let us talk a bit about her character and her mythological role.

Hestia was much appreciated goddess, the protector of the Sacred flame on Olympus, a quiet, modest and devoted goddess.

She represents a specific place of women in old times. She embodies the quiet and inevitable pillar of the family.

She was the center, the core of the Olympian pantheon, but she also stood for ordinary women who were considered the center of the family and home.

Hestia or Vesta is the one who guards the heart of the home, the hearth, the place of gathering.

Her character is in contrast to most of the ancient gods.

We could describe her as introverted, humble, quiet, reserved, devoted, calm.

Hestia or Vesta is focused on the inner self, but in a very non-egoistic, very specific way.

Her orientation towards the personal inner actually destroys egotism.

This sort of self, to call it so, is associated with the One, the oneness, the connection with everything.

It is about oneness and wholeness, not about narcissism, quite the contrary.

Hestia is associated also with solitude, isolation, tranquility.

Asteroid Vesta carries attributes of this deity. It is about dedication, devotion, center, integrity, wholeness, oneness, focus, attention, connection.

The place of Vesta within a natal chart can tell about the source of energy and creativity for actual activity in life.

It tells about one’s focus, about one’s attitude towards trust, protection, health.

It tells about perseverance, inner development, the sources of one’s fuel for life.

Leo Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement of Vesta in Leo, we have to learn some basics about the Leo zodiac sign, in order to find our how do these two get along and in which way this placement could possibly manifest.

Leo rules the Fifth house in astrology, the house of talents, of expression of love.

Leo is a typically masculine sign, to say, whose patron is the mighty Sun, the center of our planetary system. The light of the world, to say.

Sun is an active luminary, in contrast to passive, the Moon. The Sun represents the masculine principle, while the Moon represents feminine.

Leos are fully of masculine kind of drive, very active, very brave, hearty people.

Leo people are intuitive in a very specific way, different from those ultimately and deeply intuitive Water signs.

Leos are guided by their heart, all their decisions and actions are motivated by their hearts’ desire.

Leos are active and ultimately honest. They are very open, direct, vital, but also gallant, noble and they have something of a royal attitude, something innate.

These people are typically self-confident, they have great charisma and they greatly influence others.

This dominant nature of Leos could lead to arrogance and know-it-all attitude, although Leos are generally very tolerant and welcoming people.

They are loud, they like the spotlight, but they are also warmhearted, extremely generous and protective.

Leo people fight for what they hold dear, especially when it comes to family and their closest people.

They are fearless, when it comes to that and they would readily sacrifice for others. Leos of higher nature would never ever leave you in trouble.

Of course, Leos love to be lords and masters. The throne is reserved for them. They need audience and they love pomp.

However, Leos are cooperative, friendly and they would not hide their admiration for others.

Vesta in Leo – General Information

There is much more we could say about both Vesta and Leo, but these lines are good enough to understand the connection between the two, when in such a position.

The placement of Vesta in Leo is a very interesting one.

Vesta is quiet and introverted by nature, while Leo in loud and extroverted.

However, these two get along perfectly, with favorable aspects; their energies are compatible.

Leonine energy gives the focused Vesta drive to work on things one finds the most engaging and those will always have to do with personal enterprises connected with the well-being of others, the closest ones.

People with Vesta in Leos are focused and driven, persistent in their efforts, hardworking, but what makes them truly shine is their cheery attitude towards anything they do.

They firmly believe in themselves and would usually take up the leading role.

The calm and humble Vesta affects the pompous and attention seeking energy of Leo’s field.

If aspects were favorable, this positions shapes one as a noble leader, a brave guardian, a person with big heart who does not let others be in control of him or her personally.

Vesta in Leo – Positive Traits

Vesta in Leo people are daring, persistent and open, very charming and naturally attractive or awe inspiring.

If the positioning is favorably affected, they develop into noble and gallant, self-confident and stable people.

They have a big heart and usually base their decisions on what their heart tells them, judging almost perfectly.

They have strength to achieve their personal goals, while taking care about others. Very creative and expressive, they are inspiring to others.

When their highest nature is manifested, these natives would feel the greatest satisfaction not in reaching the top, but in being a model and a support to other people.

In addition, they will greatly value others’ achievements.

Vesta in Leo – Negative Traits

On a negative side, all their qualities taken into extremes could lead to arrogance, neglecting others’ emotions and opinions, egocentrism and even selfishness of which they are usually not even aware.

Their need for attention could sometimes overshadow their positive vibe.

Although honest by nature, which is a good trait, they sometimes employ their honesty to bring others down, which is not the best option, obviously, or they can hurt people unintentionally.

They could also annoy others by bragging about their achievements, if the bad and extreme side of Leonine energy shows up and suppresses modesty and humbleness of Vesta.

Vesta in Leo Man

Vesta in Leo men profile could in itself combine the best of both Vesta and Leo, which makes men born with this placement gallant, noble, daring, courageous and inspiring respect and admiration in others.

These men love to be examples of virtue to other people and they often become ones.

They feel very comfortable when being in center of attention, and those of highest nature will use it for good ends.

These men are true fathers of the family and they tend to take such a fatherly role in other environments, as well.

They do not tolerate being commanded, they would rather dominate the situation.

They are very protective, hospitable and generous, leaving an impression of members of some royal family, regardless of their actual background.

Vesta in Leo Woman

Vesta in Leo women are true ladies. These women have the strength and stability of humble and quiet Vesta and energy and drive of a true lioness, one ready to fiercely defend what she holds dear.

Extremely attractive by their dominant aura, these women catch attention easily and the fully enjoy it.

They are very natural and relaxed in almost any given situation and they have a gift of transferring such a state of being to others.

Both Vesta Leo men and women could become a bit too proud of themselves, which is risk of such a strong placement.

Vesta in Leo – Brief Summary

Vesta in Leo people are brave, daring, focused, warm-hearted and passionate, guided primarily by their heart.

They could become a bit selfish and arrogant, if Leonine bad trait consume the visitor to this constellation, the quiet Vesta.

Overall, this placement has a huge potential for someone to develop their best qualities, stay focused and oriented towards achievements that would bring good things both to them and their environment.

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