Vesta in Libra – Personality Traits & Meaning

One of the most important asteroids in astrology is Vesta, the one named after somewhat mysterious and quiet goddess of the ancient world, Vesta, as she was known in Roman mythology, that is, Hestia in Greek.

Asteroids have a special place in astrological readings nowadays.

They were not known in old times and even today, some astrologers do not include them in their readings.

However, they have been gaining more and more attention.

Astrology is an incredibly old discipline, if we could call it that way.

It possibly originates from the ancient Babylon, and it has been known throughout history.

The first horoscope was discovered on the site associated with Babylonian culture.

Throughout history, astrology has been widely in use. It was considered one with astronomy, until the two split, in early modern times.

Some of the greatest astronomers were by default astrologers.

Astrology is considered a pseudo science, in our time.

Nevertheless, it is regularly practiced. Astrology is based on very strict principles and methodology, just as recognized scientific fields.

However, astrology does not provide us with concrete answers, in terms some other sciences do.

Astrology is vast and it consists of many branches, amongst which people are usually interested into personal astrology, that is, personal horoscope.

What can horoscopes tell us? What do they represent? And, what asteroids have to do with horoscope?

We will talk about the latter further on. Let us say a couple of words on horoscopes – what are they and how they can be of use.

Horoscope can literally be translated as ’observance of time’. Personal horoscope is associated with one particular observed moment in time – the time of one’s birth.

The specific positioning of planets at the time of one’s birth can tell about the person’s life path.

It can all be seen in a natal chart. Natal charts are diagrams representing the sky at the moment of one’s birth.

They way planets are distributed greatly affects one’s personality, potentials, capacities and so on.

Asteroids in Astrology

Apart from planets, natal charts can also include asteroids. Asteroids were not known in ancient and earlier modern times.

They are quite a new phenomenon in astrology, to say so.

Traditionally, astrologers knew about only those planets that are visible to the naked eye and still their calculations and their observations are quite fascinating!

Later on, some other celestial bodies were added to the astrological (and astronomical) map.

Asteroids were discovered only two centuries ago.

However, even then, they were not included into astrological observations. Asteroids entered the area of astrology quite late.

However, their introduction was associated with certain important social and cultural changes, which had to do with the re-questioning of the role of women within society.

The four major asteroids we will be talking about carry feminine energy.

Before the discovery of asteroids, that is, before their introduction into astrology, only two planets were associated with the feminine principle and they are Venus and the Moon (Moon is a luminary, labeled as planet in astrological terms only).

Asteroids’ incorporation in astrological readings brought certain kind of refreshment into astrology.

Regardless of asteroids feminine or masculine nature, the analysis of their placement could be quite amazing, because it brings light to the hidden corners of our being.

Knowing about the placement of certain asteroids, their interaction, to say, with other elements within a natal chart, could help us understand our destinies and lives much better.

Asteroids could tell us about certain traits or potentials we might not be much aware of.

Each of the asteroids offers a precious little piece of information. Let us talk about Vesta.

Vesta in Astrology

Four very important asteroids in astrology are named after four great deities of the past, Greco/Roman goddesses Hestia/Vesta, Hera/Juno, Athena Pallas, Demeter/Ceres. The four asteroids carry attributes of the four deities.

These goddesses represent various archetypes of women and were, of course, associated with the social and cultural characteristics of the world they were worshiped in. Asteroids associated with these deities carry some of their energy.

Asteroid Vesta is named after the Roman goddess Vesta, whose Greek counterpart is Hestia.

Hestia was the protector of the Sacred flame, the goddess of the hearth. This goddess represents an archetype of a woman as a quiet and vital pillar to the home and family.

This goddess is characterized by a quiet, introverted, humble nature. She is the one who keeps everything together, the guardian of the hearth, which is the heart of a family home.

Hestia or Vesta is associated with modesty, purity, humbleness, protection and guardianship, persistence, patience, endurance. She represents the center, wholeness and oneness.

According to the myth about Kronos the titan, the one who devoured his divine children, Hestia was the last of his descendents to be saved from Kronos’ body. Out of all his children, she spent the longest time in darkness and isolation.

Her nature is introverted and oriented towards the inner world.

Vesta or Hestia is associated with solitude, isolation, devotion, the connection with the One and the Whole. She seeks the energy from within, which is in connection with the Whole.

Asteroid Vesta tells about dedication and devotion, about focus, integrity, connection, the sources of our creativity and drive. It has to do with trust, perseverance, guardianship.

The placement of asteroid Vesta in one’s natal chart tells about the main sources of creativity and energy this person uses in the real time.

Asteroid Vest tells about the inner self, but in a very non-egoistic way, quite the contrary.

When it comes to natal charts, Vesta’s characteristics will be affected by its placement. Before we move onto Vesta in Libra, let us talk about this sign.

Libra Personality and Traits

Libra constellation dominates the Seventh house in astrological charts.

This field is associated with marriage and married partner, with those who stand opposite to ones self, as well. The ruler of this sign and house is Venus.

Libra people, affected by the lovely Venus are charming by nature, flirty and in love with beautiful things.

They care much about the aesthetics, they are sophisticated and elegant.

Natives born under the sign of Libra are peaceful and friendly, although they could fiercely defend justice.

These people do not like to argue and fight and they will avoid conflicts at all cost. They would hardly start an argument first.

Libra people love harmony and they are ready to make compromises and to adapt to situations, in order to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

They are in love with beauty.

What is a common trait of Libras is that they do not make decisions in a rush.

They like to think through all their options, until they decide on something.

They are notorious for being indecisive; sometimes, it is actually a good tactic, other times not.

Libra people are honest, kind, charming and generally friendly towards everyone.

These natives love to be surrounded by people and they are quite social.

In general, everyone feels good around Libras.

Libras are emphatic and emotional, which can make them make bad decisions, if you press them to do so.

However, most of the time they make decisions only when they think they are ready to do so.

These people are gentle and peaceful, but they would make sure they have strong arguments to defend their opinion, when needed.

They will always stand for those to whom some injustice was done.

Libra people are great mediators and diplomats. They are the ones to keep cool head in critical situations.

Libras are a voice of reason, when things get heated. They are loyal and devoted friends, noble and compassionate.

Very communicative and social, Libras actually have only a little circle of close friends.

They are charming and flirty, but they would often have hard time deciding on commitment.

It can happens their indecisiveness cost them greatly, when it comes to love.

Vesta in Libra – General Information

Vesta in Libra placement is quite interesting, for it combines the humble and quiet characteristics of Vesta, and its inwardness, with lovely, charming, elegant Libra nature.

Vesta Libra people have a very strong sense of connection with their surroundings, with people around them.

They need to belong – the acceptance and sharing makes their lives purposeful.

Introverted Vesta and kind and loving Libra combine here in a specific way.

What drives Vesta Libra people is the sense of belonging, which they find within when being connected with the outer world.

They are kind, gentle, open and friendly towards people.

They enjoy being a part of a group. These natives do not need spotlight, but will feel fine even if they get the attention of others.

They themselves are attentive and caring. They want people feel comfortable and safe when around them.

Vesta in Libra – Positive Traits

Vesta Libra people have the nature of guardians. They try to create a harmonious environment wherever they find themselves at.

It is what moves them and gives them energy. They would gladly protect anyone who needs protection.

They are sophisticated by nature and modest. You know you can rely on them to keep the group together.

They mediate and use diplomatic approach if things start to fall apart.

We could say that Vesta Libra natives are those who keep things together, the pillar of union of any sort.

They are excellent team players, capable of keeping things in balance.

Vesta in Libra – Negative Traits

Sometimes Vesta Libra people could become too dependent on others, especially emotionally.

They could feel purposeless unless they are a part of a group.

It could happen to them they lose the sense of self identity.

We all need some time to be alone and reflect.

However, it could happen to Vesta Libra people that they cannot stand being alone even for the shortest period.

They could become very insecure and uneasy if they get no affirmation from the group or a team.

Vesta in Libra Man

Vesta in Libra men are charismatic and friendly gentlemen, good and reliable friends.

They are of a calm and peaceful demeanor, cheery and very pleasant to talk to.

They do not seek conflict and have a diplomatic attitude.

However, if things get heated and if someone suffers injustice, be sure Vesta Libra would be the first to react, keeping their head cool throughout the situation.

These men are warmhearted and they like to be surrounded by people.

They usually have only a couple of best friends.

Vesta in Libra Woman

Women with Vesta in Libra are sophisticated and charming, a pure joy to have around.

They feel comfortable around people and like to make friends, although they will have only a couple of truly close ones.

They are protective and caring, and very sensitive to injustice.

Generally, they are easy going and calm, in love with harmony.

Sometimes, they will readily sacrifice some of their own needs, for the sake of a greater good, that is, a harmonious, peaceful environment, at home, at work, in their social circles or elsewhere.

Vesta in Libra – Brief Summary

Vesta in Libra placement is quiet a harmonious one, if the chart was favorable towards the placement itself.

People with Vesta in Libra have the modesty and protective nature of Vesta and charm and love for beauty, peace and harmony of Libra.

These natives are peacemakers, ones who find their meaning and purpose in belonging, in being part of something, even in being the pillar of a group, team, union of any sort.

They are compassionate, understanding and very kind.

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