Vesta in Pisces – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids have been gaining more and more attention in astrology, and for a good reason.

The placement of asteroids within a natal chart offers a more detailed insight into the dynamic of the chart itself.

Asteroids were discovered pretty late, in comparison to the traditional astrological planets, so we could say they are newcomers in astrology.

Astrology, that is, astrologia, is quite old. It could be traced back into old Mesopotamian cultures.

Although over the course of the seventeenth century and new scientific approaches and concepts that emerged astrology lost its place within the scholarly circles, it survived up to our day and it is in use all around the globe.

Astrology is actually a very wide and deep field or a range of various practices.

We could label them as divination practices, but astrology is more than that.

In addition, it is culturally diverse; there are different types of astrology formed and practiced around the world.

You are probably familiar with at least the idea of Chinese or, perhaps, Hindu or Mayan astrology.

These are all very interesting practices. What most of us is familiar with is Western  astrology.

In old days, astrology was accepted within academic circles, so to say. It went hand in hand with medicine and astronomy, for example.

Although there have always been some ambivalent attitudes towards astrological prognoses, or even negative opinions, it was actively in use.

Many notable rulers of the past relied on their astrologers, regardless of their confession, for instance.

Sometimes astrological prognoses would prove right, sometimes not as much. Nevertheless, it was never fully abandoned.

Today, many consider astrology something one can do out of fun or it is discarded as a work of charlatans.

However, a proper astrologer operates with great knowledge, with well established set of rules and principles.

Answers provided through astrological readings are no prophecies in a plain sense, nor simple predictions.

They represent a set of possibilities, potentials, they reveal our own capacities, which we are not always aware of.

Asteroids in Astrology

As you probably know, astrology is all about the planetary movement.

According to astrologers, it is planetary placements and movements and their mutual relations and vibrations that decide upon our destiny.

Most of people are interested into personal astrology; they want their natal chart drawn and interpreted by an expert in the field.

Natal charts are like our celestial identification cards; each of them is completely unique.

What is a natal chart, actually? It is a diagram that shows the placement of planets within astrological fields, the aspects their create amongst themselves and some other details, and it is based on one’s date of birth.

In order to ’create’ a personalized natal chart, an astrologer would need your place, exact time and date of birth. Each chart is unique.

It represents your potentials, capacities, traits and much more, and its manifestation would depend on many factors.

While you probably know about your Sun sign, that is the field in which the Sun is located within your chart, there are less chances that you know about where your asteroids are located.

Asteroids were introduced into astrology in the twentieth century, much much later than planets we are very familiar with.

Amongst asteroids, four take up very special place and they are all associated with the feminine principle.

Before asteroids were introduced into astrology, only two planets represented the feminine principle.

It is good to note that each person possesses both masculine and feminine principle traces.

The four asteroids aforementioned are named after four female deities of Ancient Greece and Rome. We know them as Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

They carry attributes and names of goddesses Juno/Hera, Vesta/Hestia, Minerva/Athena Pallas and Ceres/Demeter.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of the four feminine asteroids we have mentioned in the previous section.

Vesta is named after the goddess of the hearth, the Roman Vesta or Greek Hestia.

In order to get to know Vesta the asteroid, we have to learn something about Vesta/Hestia the goddess.

Hestia was much admired goddess. She was the keeper of the holy flame of the Mount Olympus and the goddess of the hearth fire.

Hestia represent an archetype of a woman who is hidden from the public, in the world generally dominated by men, but she is also the hidden force behind this world.

She represents the silent flame that keeps family together. Guarding the hearth, the place of gathering in every home, Hestia is the protector of peace, tranquility, unity.

The qualities of Hestia are modesty, chastity, humbleness, in a way.

She is powerful in her silence and very integrated from within. Her nature is introverted, focused, patient, enduring, silent, determined.

Although she represents an orientation towards the within, towards the self, Hestia/Vesta does not embody an egocentric archetype, on the contrary.

Her introverted nature is actually about the full integration with what is beyond and above the very Ego; she represents the union with the Whole, where there is no place for egocentrism and selfishness.

They myth says Hestia was the last to be liberated from Kronos’ body; Kronos was the titan who devoured all of his children, save for the mighty Zeus, who freed his brothers and sisters.

Hestia was the last to see the light of the day, which explains her quiet nature.

Asteroid Vesta is about our core focus, things we are dedicated to. It tells about the field of life we tend to be fully concentrated onto.

It is about our ability of patience and endurance. IT tells bout our passions, responsibilities and focus on things we find close to our heart.

Pisces Personality and Traits

Let us say a couple of lines about Pisces, for we could understand the placement of Vesta only if we get to know the nature of the field it enters.

Pisces are the last sign of the zodiac, a Water element sign and the ruler of the Twelfth house.

The twelfth field is, at the same time, the last of the three occult houses; the previous two are dominated by Pisces’ Water fellows, Cancer and Scorpio.

The twelfth field is associated with subconscious, the elusive, the invisible.

This field is about the hidden essence of all life events, thus, it is a mysterious and intriguing house. Neptune is the dominant ruler of Pisces.

Traditionally, this role was ascribed to Jupiter, but it turned out that Neptune definitely has more power here.

Pisces natives are creative, incredibly intuitive and imaginative, but also a bit chaotic.

These natives are inconsistent, very emotional and vulnerable, although they have strengths others do not posses.

It is said that Pisces cannot deal with the cruelty of the world, so they spend their lives in imaginary world.

It is simply their mechanism; Pisces may be accused of escapism and yet they survive and walk through this life, making their mark.

It is good to note that some of very powerful historical figures were Pisces.

In general, Pisces are gentle and benevolent. They have a powerful intuition, they read people without a word uttered.

They will know everything about you from just a short glance.

Pisces could easily disarm their enemies by reaching deeply beneath their surface.

They do not do it pout of any ill intention, it is how they are.

Pisces people often have difficulty in defining concrete life goals.

They are creative, versatile, sometimes too idealistic and romantic for their own good, true.

They are peacemakers and they have an incredible aura of calmness.

Pisces are flexible and tolerant, but they need their own space in order to work efficiently. They would do whatever it takes for the people they hold dear.

Some consider Pisces timid, because of their emotional and soft nature.

However, it takes great strength and courage to deal with such an avalanche of emotions.

Pisces have a lot of compassion and understanding for people in the world, and that is quite a noble trait.

These artistic, imaginative souls are fully dedicated when in love. They are ready to sacrifice for their loved ones.

Vesta in Pisces – General Information

Vesta in Pisces is an interesting and very deep placement, when it comes to one’s emotionality.

People who have Vesta in Pisces are creative, artistic, free-spirited, idealistic and romantic. They are often into imaginary realms and ideas.

They are ready to sacrifice much in order to reach their ideals, even if they know that ideal is something that is hard or even impossible to reach.

They believe in ideals, and that is what drives them throughout life.

They are dedicated to searching for the deeper meaning of things and the higher purpose of their own place in the world.

They do not do it in an egoistic way; they see themselves as an integral, indivisible part of the whole humanity and existence.

They have creative, philosophical and artistic minds.

They are also very spiritual, in whatever sense you take the term.

They are interested into exploring spiritual and religious ideas.

Vesta in Pisces – Positive Traits

Vesta Pisces people are deep. Although their idealism could appear completely insane to others, it is what keeps them going and what makes this world at least a bit better place to be.

In essence, they are optimists who would never abandon the idea of Good.

These natives are very empathetic and compassionate.

They have no difficulty in identifying with others’ experiences and they could be of great support.

Vesta Pisces natives are faithful and loyal to people they hold dear.

Moreover, although some would take them as easily scared and overly vulnerable, there is nothing that could stop them from protecting the loved ones.

Vesta in Pisces – Negative Traits

If their generally benevolent traits are brought to extremes, Vesta Pisces natives could become overly sensitive and incapable of dealing with life’s challenges.

Alternatively, they could become real escapists, very distanced from this world, living in a realm of fantasy.

Vesta in Pisces Man

Vesta Pisces men are gentle, kind, emotional and very empathetic.

These mean love profound conversations and they enjoy exploring abstract ideas.

They search for the purpose in life and tend to be very spiritual, religious or anything of the sort.

They are daydreamers, which could make them a bit chaotic and unable to define clear goals in life.

However, they feel best if they can help other people.

They are idealists; they would like to make the whole world a pleasant place for everyone.

Vesta in Pisces Woman

Vesta in Pisces ladies are dreamy, romantic ladies, often lost in the world of fantasies, but if it is not extreme, it makes them incredibly charming, sunshine bringing individuals who make others’ world a more beautiful place to be.

These women are usually every creative, artsy, they love to read, they enjoy researching, studying about some profound subjects, they have an interest into the matters of religion, spiritualism etc. They are kind and lovely.

Vesta in Pisces – Brief Summary

Vesta in Pisces natives are typically introverted individuals, with an incredibly vivid imagination and powerful intuition.

In essence, they are true idealists and they are ready to fight for the ideals until the end of their days.

This fight should really be taken metaphorically, for these are some of the most benevolent and peace-loving natives.

They fight the gloominess of this world by their creativity, energy, their amazingly empathetic nature.

Pisces Vesta natives are very emotional and, although they have a tendency to become a bit lost in the world of dreams, their Vesta principle keeps them together, focused and devoted to their endless search for the higher purpose.

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