Vesta in Sagittarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids have been gaining more and more attention in astrological readings.

You are likely familiar with the ten planets, the major celestial bodies in astrology – their attributes and archetypes, their mutual connections and relations are, after all, what makes astrology.

However, there other celestial objects that are important, besides traditionally known planets.

Asteroids are newcomers in astrological field, but that does not make them less important. On the contrary.

Vesta is one of the four major asteroids of which we will talk about a bit later. Let us first go through some basics.

What is astrology and should it be trusted? Astrology is probably the oldest science there is, although we take it for a pseudo one.

Astrology is literally the science of the stars, as it name suggests.

People have been looking into skies above, in search for answers to existential questions, since the oldest days of civilization and even before that.

Numerous religious systems, beliefs, traditions on all sides of the globe all have something in common – seeking answers in the skies.

There is something unfathomable about it and. Yet, it provides us with great hope and zeal.

Astrology was once the same with astronomy, so every great astronomer of the past was also astrologer.

It stands also for many ancient and old researchers, inventors, philosophers, poets, artists and more.

The ways of those two parted, but both are in practice in our day.

Astrology is considered a pseudo science, but it is based on its own well-established and formulated criteria, principles, methodology and more.

However, astrology should be taken as a guideline.

According to this star-science, the placement of planets and other celestial bodies affect our lives, that is, shapes up our destiny, to a certain degree.

Most people are familiar with the term of horoscope and natal chart.

Personal horoscopes are based on individual natal charts.

Natal charts represent the placement of planets at the time of one’s birth.

According to astrologers, this placement is like a heavenly ID, something that is unique and uniquely manifested.

Asteroids in Astrology

Natal chart should not be taken as a prediction or a prophecy. It represents a set of potential, capacities, traits, values and everything that makes a frame of who you are.

The rest is on you. In other words, it does not mean everything will play out as you interpret it.

In order to interpret natal chart correctly, astrologers have to posses a lot of knowledge, intuition, skill and practice.

It is not simple to work with astrology and interpret people’s destiny paths. It takes great knowledge and responsibility.

So, astrologers would first look at the placement of planets within your natal chart.

Besides planets, as we have mentioned, there are other elements. Asteroids are one of them. Asteroids were discovered pretty late.

They were introduced into astrology in the second half of the previous century.

In comparison to planets known for millennia, asteroids are a true refreshment.

What is also important to note is that they entered astrology in the period of great social and cultural changes, regarding the feminine principle.

The four major asteroids we will talk about are feminine.

Before the introduction of asteroids, only two astrological planets were associated with feminine energy, Venus and the Moon.

Asteroids Juno, Vesta, Ceres and Pallas are named after the four powerful goddesses of the past.

The four asteroids represent feminine principle and archetypes.

They carry attributes and characteristics of the four deities and we look for them within one’s natal chart, in order to see how the or could manifest.

The position of an asteroid within a natal chart gives us even deeper and better insight into the complexity of our own being.

Each of the asteroids has its specific traits and they play our differently in different placements.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of the four major asteroids in astrology, named after the Roman goddess Vesta, that is, Greek Hestia.

Let us look a bit into the mythology of Hestia/Vesta, in order to discover the main characteristics and attributes of this asteroid.

Hestia was the keeper of the sacred flame on the Mount Olympus, greatly praised by Ancient Greeks. Vesta, her Roman counterpart, was highly worshipped amongst Romans.

This deity is very specific, for the main focus of Hestia is the inner world; we could say her nature is introverted.

The asteroid deals with focus on the inner-self, but not in an egoistic way, on the contrary. It us about the self as a part of the Whole.

Hestia represented an archetype of a woman who stands strong, but quiet in the background.

They was the goddess of the hearth, which represents the centre and the place of gathering in every home.

She is a pillar of the family, the one who keeps it together. Hestia qualities are modesty, tranquility, calmness, quietness, strength, warmth. Hestia is about sacredness, spiritual and cultural values.

What also characterizes Hestia is her endurance, dedication, purpose.

She is an old soul, and her attributes, seen in people, are about the personal integration and the ability to withstand the trial of time.

The placement of Vesta in astrology tells about the field of life to which we will be dedicated; it is about what we find purposeful in life. Asteroid Vesta is associated with safety, stability, goodness, honesty, truth.

It is also about family, home, heart, warmth and sacrifice.

Vesta also has to do with the fear of intimacy and the physical intimacy itself, with devotion and insecurity. Let us find out how Vesta manifests when in the field of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement itself, let us say a couple of lines about the sign of Sagittarius.

Its nature and basic traits are very different from Vesta, so this could be a very interesting place to start.

Sagittarius rules the Ninth house in astrology. The ninth house is the field associated with philosophy, religion, spiritual path and experience, travel (especially to distant places). Sagittarius people are explorers, in every sense.

The sign of Sagittarius is dominated by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion.

Jupiter is a planet of deep nature and noble traits. It is about ethical values, justice, nobility. Sagittarius people love to investigate these terms.

These natives have no time for superficial things, although they could be very sociable, communicative and they are always on the go; they like to experience life to the fullest, all the while seeking the deeper meaning behind it.

They seek for the essence that lies behind the empirical.

They are very intellectual and have philosophical minds; they think about everything that surrounds them. Sagittarius people are free spirited and open-minded. They have no interest in imposing their will onto others.

At the same time, they keep to their own principles and values and cannot be manipulated.

They are daring and would readily engage with any problem. They approach a problem from all angles. They are open to hear others’ opinions, but they always make their own decisions.

Sagittarius people fight for their ideals, but they are more subtle than some other signs, Leos and Aries, in particular. They have more control over their own emotions and actions.

These natives have high moral standards, but their world-view is vast and wide, so they do not judge others, even if the opinions collide. They are optimistic, probably being the most positive of all signs.

Sagittarius people make for a very interesting company. They are fantastic interlocutors, wise, intelligent, philosophical and full of life experience. They literally bring optimism into the room.

These natives travel a lot, it is in their nature frequently to move and explore life. They are not ones who seek monotony and routine. Sagittarius would not commit easily.

Sagittarius people think rather in big terms, while in concrete, everyday life they could be chaotic and hard to catch. They value independence and freedom above everything else.

They are charming, gallant, socially skillful, so they easily make a connection with everyone, and especially when it comes to romantic relations.

If in a relationship, they cannot stand possessiveness and they truly believe everyone has to have their own space.

Vesta in Sagittarius – General Information

As we can clearly see, Vesta and Sagittarius are quite different from one another.

Let us see how the field of Sagittarius affects asteroid Vesta, if that was the placement.

Of course, it would require the complete natal chart to see into specific details of the placement.

There is something about Vesta and Sagittarius that is similar – spiritual aspect found in both of them.

People with Vesta in Sagittarius would have a very stable system of belief and a solid set of principles and values.

They have strong opinions and convictions and it is very unlikely they would abandon those, even though they have an ear, time and patience to hear what others have to say.

They are very intelligent and they will usually have strong arguments to support their claims.

These people would readily engage in philosophical conversation, with a good intention.

They do not find satisfaction in winning the argument, but in spreading their thought.

They are open minded in a way that allows them to learn great variety of things about life, but once they established their set of values, they will stick to those, without judging others for having different viewpoint.

In order to be really productive, they have to believe in a deeper and higher purpose of what they are doing.

In a way, they see their tasks as a mission for a greater good. It is important for them to operate in an environment that shares their values.

Vesta in Sagittarius – Positive Traits

Vesta in Sagittarius people are noble-hearted, honest, very intelligent and have high moral standards.

They believe in ethical values and would never seek to harm anyone. They are optimistic and they truly believe in some sort of a higher purpose.

They seek for the meaning in things and can help others find the meaning in life.

Although their nature is individualistic, in terms of having well-established personal principles, they have excellent social skills and they would gladly participate in projects for common good.

Vesta in Sagittarius – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Vesta Sagittarius people tend to be overly interested into the question of universal meaning, truth and purpose, while little things that make life pass beside them.

They are spontaneous, but also inconsistent.

Vesta Sagittarius people are curious, which is good, but it often makes it hard for them to form true, deep bonds with people.

Long-term relationships are a bit problematic for adventurous Vesta Sagittarius.

Vesta in Sagittarius Man

Vesta Sagittarius men are gallant, sophisticated, very intellectual and working for a common good.

They are incredibly charming and very optimistic, good to have around. These men know a lot about life and would gladly share their knowledge.

They enjoy profound and long conversations about the essential questions.

They tend to travel a lot and would often opt for an occupation that would leave them enough freedom to do so. They do not easily commit to a long-term relationship.

Vesta in Sagittarius Woman

Vesta Sagittarius ladies are similar to their male counterparts.

Lovely, charming, intelligent and interested into things that have to do with questions of purpose, these women are amazing to have around.

They do not enjoy superficial talk and would like to explore the world.

They enjoy meeting new people and new cultures.

Like Vesta Sagittarius men, Vesta Sagittarius ladies love to travel. It takes time for them to decide on a relationship or marriage.

Vesta in Sagittarius – Brief Summary

Vesta in Sagittarius is a very interesting combination, since natures of these two differ and yet they have a similar core.

Vesta Sagittarius people are interested into the purpose and meaning of things.

Through many experiences they willingly engage with, they will search for it.

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