Vesta in Scorpio – Personality Traits & Meaning

The science of the stars we know as astrology is based upon methodology and principles which determine its development and its practice, just like any acknowledged science.

Astrology is tightly associated with astronomy.

In the past, astrology and astronomy were not separated, but taken as one and the same.

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences in the history of civilization. Beginnings of modern astrology could be traced into 6th-5th century BC.

Some of the greatest known astronomers of our past, such as the famous Johannes Kepler, for instance, were – astrologers.

What is incredible about astrology, regardless of numerous debates on its legitimacy as a science, is its long presence.

Since ancient times, up to this day, people turn to astrology in order to find answers to questions that bother each and every one of us – the questions of our origin, purpose, destiny and future.

Astrology could give us valuable answers, especially when it comes to personal astrology, that is, personalized horoscopes or natal charts.

We have to keep in mind these are meant to serve as guidelines, not rules, though.

Birth chart reading is probably the most popular area of modern astrology. According to the science of the stars, everything within the universe is connected.

Macrocosm affects microcosm; the distribution of celestial bodies affects the life on our planet.

Natal charts represent an image of the sky at the moment of one’s birth. From an astrologer’s perspective, this image of the sky is like a celestial identification card, unique and specific.

Birth charts offer us an insight into individual life path, specific potentials of an individual and ways to manifest them.

Personal horoscopes are complex and consist of many elements, related to one another in a particular way.

Asteroids in Astrology

Apart from zodiac signs, which almost everyone is familiar with, commonly identifying them with horoscope, there are many other important segments of a natal chart we have to take into account.

Natal charts are divided into specific fields, houses, encompassing various heavenly bodies.

Apart from 5 + 3 planets, that is, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto added much later, upon their discovery, and Sun and the Moon (in astrology also labeled as planets), there are other important celestial bodies.

Asteroids are not something one would first think about when horoscope is mentioned.

However, they play an important role in horoscope.

There are numerous asteroids within the so-called asteroid belt, circling around the area between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Asteroids were discovered pretty late, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but they were associated with astrology much later.

Four of the known asteroids take very special place in astrological readings. They are named after four goddesses: Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

They are symbolically associated with attributes of Roman and Greek goddesses.

Asteroids in astrology are typically associated with the feminine aspects of everyone’s psyche; before the discovery of asteroids and their placing within astrology, only Moon and Venus were traditionally associated with the feminine.

Although the focus usually falls on the position of planets in a natal chart, serious astrologers would take into account all elements.

Understanding of the placement of asteroids could help us with deeper and more detailed interpretation of our birth chart.

Vesta in Astrology

Asteroid Vesta is, as its name suggests, associated with the Roman goddess Vesta, that is, Greek goddess Hestia.

Vesta is guardian of homes, the keeper of the hearth fire. Vesta is associated with the archetype of a woman as a column of family life.

The goddess Hestia was a central figure within Zeus’ Olympian realm, the Keeper of the Sacred Flame.

As an archetype of a woman of the day, Hestia-Vesta was introverted, invisible to the outer world, but, at the same time, a figure men-ruled world cannot function without.

Vesta is associated with humbleness, dedication and devotion to family.

Vesta represents the inner world and all of its importance, not in terms of Ego, but something quite different.

It is associated with an inner experience of one’s connection with the universe. Hestia-Vesta is associated with virginity, chastity, quietness.

The main attributes of astrological Vesta are devotion and dedication, focus on an inner self, self-integrity, oneness, determination.

Vesta tells about one’s attention, focus and dedication to certain goals.

Vesta is also associated with self-sacrifice, with discipline, order, learning.

The position of Vesta in horoscope also tells about one’s routine, attitude towards health, spiritual, mental and physical. It is also about traditional values, religion, guardianship.

People with a specific position of Vesta in their natal chart are prone to esoteric lore, they could be very inclined towards spiritual world and religious questions.

Vesta archetype is quite, solitary and patient.

Scorpio Personality and Traits

The specific position of Vesta will play a unique role within one’s natal chart, thus shaping up one’s personal development and life path.

Before we analyze the placement of Vesta in Scorpio, let us say a couple of words about the most mysterious zodiac sign.

Scorpio rules over the Eight House, the second of occult houses within horoscope. The Eight House is associated with death, reincarnation, with carnal desires.

Scorpio, like other two Water signs, is an extremely emotional one.

Very intuitive, Scorpio can easily read other people and is not to be manipulated or lied.

Scorpio people do not complain about their vulnerability, weaknesses and failures; they heal their wounds in solitude.

Scorpio individuals have a magnetic aura and they can easily grab attention even though they put almost no effort into it.

They do not need validation from the masses, yet others often find them admirable.

Scorpio is a solitary sign. Scorpio people do not suffer from others’ opinion.

These individuals are often inclined towards exploring possibilities beyond this world. They are interested into the mysterious, divine, spiritual.

For Scorpios, limitations of this life and physical world are not the end.

Even though many would perceive Scorpios as dark, they are, in fact, highly optimistic, since they truly believe in eternity and another, higher realm.

Although prone to depression, to extreme, devastating emotions, Scorpios are the most regenerative of the signs.

Scorpio is like the Phoenix bird; they let themselves burn into ashes, but gather up and rise again, even more beautiful and strong.

Scorpio people are incredibly attractive, because of their mysterious, enigmatic aura. They are passionate, ready to give the whole of themselves, even at the cost of great pain and suffering.

Let us see how quiet Vesta corresponds with powerful Scorpio sign.

Vesta in Scorpio – General Information

People born with Vesta in Scorpio present with incredible attributes of both the asteroid Vesta and zodiac sign of Scorpio combined. The two posses some similar characteristics and are powerful in their specific sense.

Vesta Scorpio people are characterized by strong will, self-integrity, intensity of experiencing the world and powerful emotions.

They are mysteriously quiet, which does not mean they are shy. Magnetic and somewhat out of this world, they inspire awe, but also fear in others.

People with Vesta in Scorpio are very deep. They cannot stand small talk and would have no problem to step out of it. They are into serious philosophical conversation, exploring ideas beyond the visible reality.

Many would perceive them as arrogant, self-centered, too proud of themselves, isolated and strange. However, the thing is Vesta Scorpio people seek the meaning and purpose into everything and everybody.

Typically, Vesta Scorpio people are versatile in their talents and interests, very inclined towards the intellectual and spiritual themes.

They are intuitive, extremely passionate, interested into things beyond the visible world, yet in need of physical connection and closeness.

Their eros is incredibly strong and consuming; they seek for full, deep commitment, but they do not have problem with short-term affairs.

Vesta Scorpio people enjoy topics others would commonly consider dark and scary, such as death, afterlife, the occult etc.

They, however, do not find these themes dark at all; they are curious about all corners of human soul.

Vesta in Scorpio – Positive Traits

Vesta in Scorpio people have an incredible inner strength and stamina. They are all into something, if they find it interesting and inspiring.

Highly intuitive, these individuals trust their inner voice and it rarely turns out as a bad move.

They value truth, honesty, dignity and justice, and strive to live by these values and principles. They have high moral standards.

Although they are seductive and familiar with short-term stands, they are honest in their intentions and expect the same from others.

When in a relationship, they are loyal, fully dedicated, ready to sacrifice for the ones they love.

Vesta Scorpio people treat others with respect. They have no problem with saying ’no’. They do not give up easily, but if they retreat, they do it with dignity and style.

Vesta in Scorpio – Negative Traits

Vesta in Scorpio people often struggle with moral standards and suffer of guilt, often unnecessary.

Since their nature craves for intimacy and carnal experience, but their inner structures are conservative, they often feel stretched between the two.

They find it hard to divide passions from actual deep emotions, just as they cannot really manage the emotional-rational line.

They often completely surrender to an intense passion or get lost within emotions, without consulting their ratio.

While on the surface they might appear strong, as clad in full armor, they often suffer from great insecurity and feel unworthy. That is because they do not actually let others come close.

The ability to deal with their traumas and tragedies alone is a two-sided blade.

While, on one side, they have strength to do it, it happens they only suppress the negative and suffer greatly, because of pure unwillingness to show any weakness.

They tend to be perfectionists, trying to hide any possible disorder or a flaw, be it the matter of their soul, mind or body.

Vesta in Scorpio Man

Vesta Scorpio men present with an incredible stamina and strength, usually both mental and physical.

They are of valiant, heroic nature, persistent in their goals, but not imposing in a negative way.

They love the thrill of chase and winning over, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

They are passionate and devoted lovers, who treat their partner with love and respect. They need a like-minded partner, someone they can share their profound ideas with.

Vesta Scorpio men are, like all Vesta Scorpio individuals, a bit mysterious and, because of that, magnetically attractive. They do not seek to stand out, yet others easily fall for them.

They are loyal friends, ready to sacrifice for their family and people they care about.

Because of their knightly standards, they cannot stand lies and cheating and can easily see through every sort of an attempted manipulation, be it within social circles, professional environment, friendly or romantic relationships.

Vesta in Scorpio Woman

Vesta in Scorpio women are extremely emotional and passionate, deep and curious about the topics many would find unusual.

They appear mystical to others and very seductive; these women have an unbelievably magnetic aura.

Just as Vesta Scorpio men, these ladies seek for meaningful connections, conversations, relationships.

Vesta Scorpio women have a strong intuition and are very protective of people and things and ideas they care about.

The energy of quiet Vesta and that of profound, emotional and regenerative Scorpio makes them women to trust and admire.

Vesta in Scorpio – Brief Summary

As we have seen, Vesta in Scorpio makes for an incredibly powerful natal chart combination.

We should keep in mind that this particular positioning has to be interpreted in the context of the whole natal chart.

Generally speaking, Vesta in Scorpio stands for profoundness, quietness, high moral standards and conservative structures, loyalty, devotion, passion, intense emotions and intimacy.

Vesta in Scorpio marks the lives of people who seek for answers to existential questions.

Vesta in Scorpio is seen in people who are highly intuitive and have strength to live on their own.

Yet, they crave for connection and are not afraid of experiencing pain, if it was a cost for a life changing experience, especially on an emotional level.

Vesta Scorpio people are loyal and devoted individuals, enigmatically attractive and dignified.

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