Vesta in Taurus – Personality Traits & Meaning

Astrological readings can tell us much about who we are.

Planets and aspects they create shape up our life paths and personalities to a certain degree.

However, there is much more than zodiac signs and ten planets.

Asteroids are another important factor.

They entered astrology quite recently, if we think in the terms of long history of astrology alone.

Asteroids were discovered in the nineteenth century and were incorporated into astrology much later.

There are many asteroids circling within the so-called asteroid belt, a cosmic space between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Four of the asteroids have a special place in astrology: Vesta, Juno, Pallas and Ceres.

Before we move onto asteroids and their role in astrology and horoscopes, let us say a couple of words on horoscopes and natal charts.

Horoscopes are an integral part of astrology, the old science of the stars, comprised of many branches.

The term horoscope could be translated as ’observation of time’, since it is forged from two Greek words, meaning ’time’ and ’observer’.

We are mostly interested into personal horoscopes. What is the time we observe in a personal horoscope?

Personal horoscope, represented in the form of a natal chart, is an image of the planetary distribution at the time of an individual’s birth.

Teat is the time we observe – a moment in cosmic time, a moment of your birth.

According to astrology, macrocosm affects microcosm; in this case, cosmic energies affect our lives and our destinies.

Interpretations of natal charts are valuable, as a good astrologer could offer you a better insight into who you are as a person.

Astrological reports are not predictions in the simple sense.

They give us an insight into potentials, into capacities we have.

They can tell us a lot about our personal traits and tendencies we might not be aware of.

Astrological reports tell about our attitude towards the world, the life.

They tell about our place in the life and about our relations, with other human beings, with all living life and the universe itself.

Asteroids in Astrology

As we have mentioned, asteroids entered astrology quite late.

It happened at the time of specific socio-cultural circumstances, associated with the position of women.

Four asteroids playing the major role in astrology are named after four powerful goddesses on the ancients.

Vesta, Pallas, Juno and Ceres are female deities of Greco/Roman world; asteroids are known after the Roman names.

Each of them represents a feminine archetype.

Before introduction of asteroids into astrological readings, only two planets were associated with the feminine principle, Venus and the Moon.

The Moon is a luminary and also considered a planet in astrological terms, the same way as the Sun is.

Asteroids play an important role in natal charts and knowing their positions can help us get even deeper and better insight into the complexity of our personality and our life, in relation to others, of course.

Asteroids have much to do with care and devotion.

They tell about the ways and manners of care and their placement about things we care about the most, the area of life in which we express the greatest care.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta asteroid is associated with the goddess Vesta/Hestia.

In Greek mythology, Hestia was much appreciated and admired deity, loved by everyone.

She was the keeper of the Sacred Flame of the Olympian realm.

Hestia is an archetype of a strong woman living in the world dominated by masculinity; however, she remains the vital roots of such a world, she is the pillar of the most valuable unit there is, the family and home.

Hestia/Vesta is protector of the hearth flame.

In various different religious and spiritual systems across the globe and throughout the world history, you will find the cult of fire, the hearth.

It represents the heart of home, the place of gathering, the place of our bonds with ancestors.

Hearth is the place where everyone gather, share, keep together.

This is the role of Hestia/Vesta- she is the gatherer, the silent guardian.

Vesta is introverted, humble, modest, she does not seek attention or recognition.

She is oriented towards an inner world and she knows how to care about herself and the others.

Vesta is self-concentrated, but not egoistically self-centered.

Vesta is one with the universe. The asteroid Vesta tells about dedication, focus, but also solitude, concentration, silence.

In a natal chart, the placement of Vesta reveals the area of life to which we will be dedicated the most.

In addition, this asteroid tells about suppressed eros, as it takes matters of carnal desires all too seriously.

The placement of Vesta is greatly about our dedication and focus, and aspects it forms about other planets tell about how our dedication and focus affect other of our energies and given qualities.

Taurus Personality and Traits

The placement of Vesta in a natal chart tells about the subject of our concentration, dedication and focus, in the first place.

Before we analyze the position of Vesta in Taurus, let us talk about this Earth zodiac sign first.

Taurus rules the Second House, the field of material values and possessions.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, with its qualities sort of materialized, that is, it has a tendency to posses the tangible and visible things.

Taurus people are materialistic and they simply have to possess things they like.

They not only want to put their hands onto objects they find beautiful and worthy, but they also have a tendency to bind dear people and hold them close.

They are very tactile and enjoy touch.

These people are hedonists in every sense.

They are not materialistic in a shallow, banal sense.

They are warm-hearted, their richness is not only material, but spiritual.

Taurus people enjoy to pamper others and they love being pampered.

They are amazing hosts and have a thing for foods.

Many Taurus people enjoy cooking and delicacies.

Taurus people are stylish, in love with beautiful things.

They appreciate arts and they have a need to posses valuable items.

They like experiencing the world in their own fingers, so they like working with their own hands.

Taurus individuals find the greatest satisfaction in concrete, traditional values – home, family and friendship.

They are not particularly adventurous or imaginative.

They know business and finances.

They are not stiff, they like to have much, even more than necessary, but they have no problem spending and sharing.

In that sense, they love to provide their dear ones with the best conditions.

Taurus people are calm, peaceful, practical.

These individuals do not like conflicts and you have to be extremely rude or maleficent to make them annoyed.

Taurus people are reliable, steady, patient.

They are loving and lovable, they need closeness and touch.

However, they are not irrational or rash when in love.

These people prefer long and stable relationships.

Taurus are romantic and gallant, they never overdo it.

Vesta in Taurus – General Information

Asteroid Vesta feel great in the field of domestic and warm-hearted Taurus.

The qualities of Taurus and Vesta perfectly get along and they are emphasized and harmonized, when it comes to this placement.

People with Vesta in Taurus are calm, patient, devoted, oriented towards building a safe and secure living environment for themselves and their loved ones.

These people are family oriented, they value friendship, they are amazing hosts and people pleasant to have around.

Taurus Vesta people care about those around them and are loved and appreciated by many.

Vesta Taurus people are hardworking and dedicated to their thing.

They care about financial stability, which is never a selfish attitude; they want to provide for people they care about the most.

These natives have a steady, ongoing and balanced motivation, so they persist in doing something.

They know their hard work will pay of and they do not give up easily.

In fact, they do not give up at all, even if their progress might appear slow.

Vesta Taurus people are generous and warm.

They openly express their devotion and affection.

They generally act friendly towards people and do not like to enter arguments.

Sometimes, they would rather avoid a conflict than waste their energy that could be used productively.

They are pragmatic, capable, productive.

Vesta in Taurus individuals prefer routine towards change.

Vesta in Taurus – Positive Traits

Vesta in Taurus people are calm and pleasant, generous and warmhearted individuals.

In their company, you will have the sense of security and safety.

They would welcome anyone like a king. Vesta Taurus people enjoy in possessing things, but they also find great pleasure in sharing.

They are amazing friends and they care much about their family members.

These are people with great passion and they are pleasure loving.

They value stability, safety and calm, steady pace.

Vesta Taurus people are very sensual and they have no fear in openly stating their feelings, through deeds and gentle gestures, rather than by words.

They are loyal and fully committed in a romantic relationships.

Vesta in Taurus – Negative Traits

Perhaps the greatest downside of Vesta in Taurus is that natives with such a placement cannot tolerate changes very well.

They stick to routines and habits, which is not bad per se, but any change could destroy their inner peace.

They cannot handle changes very well, so they see to avoid them at all costs.

It could be problematic, because it leads to stagnation.

They are prone to keeping within their comfort zone, resisting anything that could shake their perfectly safe world.

Vesta in Taurus Man

Vesta Taurus men are gallant, stylish, generous individuals.

They are hard working and they know what they want to achieve.

They are motivated by the idea of a stable life, financially, materially, emotionally.

These men are goal-oriented, but not hasty.

They will carefully examine the situation, given circumstances and take into account all the factors, before they engage with something.

They are not calculated, but patient and devoted.

Vesta in Taurus men are warm and open, very reliable as friends.

They would readily share their possessions if their loved ones were in need.

Family oriented, they are loving and protective fathers and great husbands.

They would seek to provide the best life for their family.

Vesta in Taurus Woman

Women with Vesta in Taurus are similar to their male counterparts.

Sensual, lovely and warmhearted, these women enjoy beautiful things and love sharing.

They enjoy making plans, but not in a sterile, calculated manner; it is simply the way they operate.

They don’t feel pressure while doing so, because they are calm and very patient.

Vesta Taurus ladies love doing things by their own hands.

They usually have a talent for certain crafts or arts; the same stands for men.

They like working on something, just as they enjoy taking pleasures in delicacies and beautiful things.

Ladies with Vesta in Taurus need to feel loved and safe and they want to show their loved ones the same.

They are cuddly and enjoy being pampered.

Just as Vesta Taurus men, they would work towards building a good, loving and stable family.

They dream about the ideal family life.

Vesta in Taurus – Brief Summary

Vesta in Taurus is an excellent placement, as both Vesta and Taurus present with certain similar qualities.

Of course, the whole natal chart would affect the actual manifestation of this placement.

However, we can summarize some of the basics.

Vesta Taurus people enjoy routine and they are motivated by traditional values.

They do not experiment much and they are steady in their goals.

They are patient, calm and they value every step of their work.

They have no problem with working hard, if they see the goal.

They strive for material, financial, but also emotional security.

These natives are sensual, generous and warmhearted.

They are reliable and trustworthy.

Vesta Taurus people are peaceful and they avoid conflicts.

They are hedonistic and in love with life.

However, these natives have hard times if faced with changes, which they try to avoid and resist at all costs.

They do not leave their comfort zone easily.

They seek safety and security, but sometimes it leads to stagnation and limitations.

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