Vesta in Virgo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids are special class of celestial objects, circulating within the what is now called the asteroid belt, the space between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Today, asteroids have a very important place in astrology.

There are many of them, but the four take a special place and one of them is Vesta, named after an ancient deity.

We will talk more and in detail about Vesta and its place in astrology, as well as about one of its placements.

Before we do that, let us tell something about astrology itself, the fascinating science of the stars.

Far back into past, astrology was one with astronomy.

However, its position changed over time. Today, astrology is considered a pseudo science.

Nevertheless, astrology is based upon its firm principles and methodology, just as recognized scientific fields.

However, the answers astrology provides are of a different nature.

What can astrology tell us? How does it apply in real life? According to astrology, our destinies are effected by the movement of the planets.

Indeed, we can strongly defend the claim that what is happening within the universe definitely affects the life on Earth.

With astrology, things become a bit more mysterious.

What most of us are interested into are natal charts, that is, personal horoscopes, personal astrology.

By reading one’s natal chart, we can discover someone’s potentials, traits, talents, qualities overall.

Knowing about one’s potentials can help one manifest them the best way possible.

Also, knowing about your flaws could help you improve them.

Astrological readings based on natal charts could also help us find out if we were compatible with someone, how to handle certain relationships etc.

All in all, astrological readings offer us a deeper insight into who we are and into who we could become.

Therefore, astrology does not actually offer concrete answers and interpretations of the stars could be tricky.

Many notable people of the past relied on their astrologers’ readings, in times they had to make important decisions.

Not always astrologers interpreted the starry patterns well, but that is, after all, a risk with any sort of interpretations.

Although it could be difficult to analyze the complexity of even just one astrological placement within one’s natal chart, some basics could be drawn.

When it comes to the placement of Vesta in Virgo, there are some basic characteristics of the placement itself, that could help you better understand your own situation.

Asteroids in Astrology

Before we move onto Vesta and Virgo and the placement, let us say a couple of words about asteroids.

Asteroids were not known in old times, they were discovered pretty recently, in fact.

Asteroids were discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but they still had to wait before they were finally introduced into astrology.

Some astrologers do not use them in their readings, but the trend has been becoming more and more common.

Asteroids entered the area of astrological readings in the second half of the previous century, in times of some very important changes in social and cultural sense, associated with the role of the women.

The four major asteroids, to say, are named after the four ancient goddesses, the beautiful and mighty ancient female deities.

Before that, only the Moon and Venus were considered ’female’ planets in astrology.

The four asteroids in question are Vesta, Juno, Pallas and Ceres.

They carry names and attributes of Roman/Greek goddesses Vesta/Hestia, Juno/Hera, Athena Pallas (Minerva in Rome, although the asteroid is known simply as Pallas), Ceres/Demeter.

They represent feminine principle and feminine archetypes. These goddesses have specific roles and attributes.

The asteroids named after them carry those attributes and tell about their possible manifestation within one’s natal chart.

Remember, we possess both the masculine and the feminine principle within us. These four asteroids tell about the feminine one.

However, some of the characteristics could even be seen as universal qualities. Let us talk about Vesta.

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta in Rome, Hestia in Greece, was a much appreciated goddess. Favored by both Greeks and Romans, this quite and humble deity definitely deserves all respect.

Hestia was the keeper of the Sacred flame on Olympus, the pillar of the Olympian pantheon.

She represents an archetypical guardian woman, the pillar of the family and homes.

Hestia was worshiped as the goddess of the hearth, the center of the home, the place of union, gathering, the hidden and quiet, but powerful force that keeps thing together.

Her nature could be described as introverted, modest, humble, calm and quiet.

According to the myth of Kronos the titan and the devouring of his divine children,

Hestia was the last to be saved from her evil father’s guts.

Therefore, she had spend the longest time in isolation and darkness.

It explains one of the most important characteristics of this deity; Hestia/Vesta is oriented inwards, focused on the inner world, the self, but in a very specific way.

This inwardness has nothing to do with egocentrism, on the contrary.

Hestia/Vesta tells about oneness, the connection with the self, the center that is connected with the Whole, with the universe.

Asteroid Vesta tells about focus, devotion, dedication, quietness, silence.

It has to do with solitary activity, with tranquility, with the importance of feeling connected, integral.

The placement of Vesta in a natal chart gives the insight into the source of energy.

It tells about one’s ability to focus and to stay focused, one’s ability to devote and dedicate to something.

It also has much to do with trust, protection, guardianship, as well as about health and well-being.

Vesta’s quality is special and it tells about the silent and powerful force that keep us going and that help us stay connected with the world and the inner and higher realms.

It also awakens the sense of the importance of protection and stability.

In certain sense, Vesta’s placement gives a little insight into our core, our central pillar.

The manifestation of its qualities will, of course, depend on the placement.

Virgo Personality and Traits

Asteroid Vesta is associated with the sign of Virgo by its very nature.

Let us go through some of the most important things to know about the sign of Virgo and its characteristics, in order better to understand this particular placement.

The constellation of Virgo rules the Sixth house in astrological charts.

The sixth field is associated with one’s attitude towards health and professional life, in the first place. This is the constellation of intellect.

Virgo is dominated by Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence.

It is very important to note that Mercury is far more rational in Virgo that it is in Gemini, the other sign ruled by this planet. The rational is the dominant trait of Virgo.

Virgo people are very tactful, very detail oriented, prone to making plans for everything.

There is no way a Virgo would risk or do something thoughtless and without a careful consideration. Virgos are strict, analytical, careful.

There is spontaneity in Virgo, its is something the representatives of this sign could hardly fathom and they usually consider it damaging.

There are no coincidences and not much imagination. Virgos love everything to be well organized and well planned.

New situations are challenging to Virgos and could make them feel anxious. These people are always a bit suspicious and they do not rely on others much; they trust themselves alone.

However, they are masters of analyzes. There is no problem they cannot resolve if they apply their analytical mind.

They are typically oriented towards scientific methods, they like to operate in well structured systems.

Methodical and cool headed, Virgos are not particularly passionate and warm-hearted.

They could appear very cold and distant to other people, even if they have gentle feelings towards someone.

Virgos are excellent diplomats, calculated, calm, a bit conservative.

They do not like to be in the spotlight, but when it comes to defending opinions, they would readily engage in a debate. They usually have strong and valuable arguments.

Virgos could be very critical towards others, obsessed with order and organization.

They are guided by their ration, their decisions are based on their reason, not on their emotions. They always complete their tasks and do not like unfinished business.

People born under the sign of Virgo are all but visionary and romantic, their approach is very down to earth and they are aware of their capacities and possibilities.

They will try to work out the best out of them.

Vesta in Virgo – General Information

Both Vesta and Virgo are quiet, solitary, introverted and calm. How does this placement play out?

It definitely makes one oriented towards their inner world, in sense of connecting with their own center and seeking the strength from within.

Virgo is very much oriented towards work and people who are affected by this sign are prone to find the greatest fulfillment in their jobs and professional life.

Vesta, the asteroid of dedication and focus is very much in line with characteristics of Virgo.

People with Vesta in Virgo find their purpose in what they are doing.

They firmly believe it is the best way to grow and develop in every possible sense.

They have an incredible stamina, when it comes to work.

While many others would try to avoid to many tasks and too much work at all costs, it is what Vesta Virgo people find their strength in.

These people tend to be perfectionists.

They enjoy little details of every tasks and feel the greatest fulfillment upon finishing some filigree work.

Vesta in Virgo – Positive Traits

People with Vesta in Virgo are some of the most disciplined natives, when it comes to work. Their passion is what they do.

They have incredibly memory and focus and they approach everything methodically, which almost always leads to great results.

Above all, they have patience needed to follow their path step by step, without rush.

They are rational and they would help their closest ones keep they feet on ground.

If aspects were favorable, they could become role models when it comes to professional paths, career, life organization in general.

Vesta in Virgo – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Vesta Virgo people often take their job too seriously and neglect practically every other area of life.

They isolate themselves from the world and keep distance, growing cold and unapproachable, which is not good in the long run.

Not only they could be destructively self-critical, but they also tend to criticize others. A lot.

They are annoyed by others’ people habits, although it is not their business to tell others how to live their lives.

Vesta in Virgo Man

Vesta Virgo men are usually oriented towards career. Calm, diplomatic and tactful, they prefer a well organized and planned day, as opposed to spontaneous course of events.

They are classy and elegant, taking good care of their body and health; the same is for the ladies.

Vesta in Virgo Woman

Women with Vesta in Virgo are sophisticated ladies with an eye for details.

They find great satisfaction in their professional life or any work they do, just like their male counterparts.

They are self-aware, rational and intellectual.

Vesta in Virgo – Brief Summary

Vesta in Virgo placement combines quite similar qualities of asteroid Vesta and the sign of Virgo.

People with Vesta in Virgo are reserved, organized, focused and dedicated, with an eye for details.

They love analytics and like to have their day well-planned.

These natives are rational, finding the source of energy in what they do.

They have incredible stamina when it comes to work, as well as a lot of patience.

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