White Onyx Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

White Onyx stone is also known as the White Onyx Marble.

This remarkable natural gemstone has calcite characteristics, making it a chalcedony.

However, the White Onyx stone’s beauty and properties are often underestimated due to having relatively simple appearance.

But despite not having an array of colors and streaks, it is unique and powerful.

Besides, nature has a different process of creating this stone than the crystals.

It comes from fibrous aggregates and doesn’t undergo crystallization like most revered minerals.

Thanks to that, this gemstone develops an almost parallel outlining with a gleaming finish.

Its banding can be delicate, forming a milky-like aesthetics shimmering in the light.

Yet, the Black Onyx stone typically takes all the fame and gets more attention than the White Onyx gem.

But both impact people positively and have an impressive effect.

For instance, Black Onyx sharpens one’s focus and improves their commitment.

On the other hand, White Onyx stone enhances stamina and patience and puts people at ease.

Hence, despite being the less prominent type of onyx stone, White Onyx is well-known among crystal healing practitioners.

Moreover, this gemstone has no adverse effects or connotations, contrary to what many believed in the Middle Ages.

Here’s everything you should know about the White Onyx stone.

White Onyx Stone Origin

Even though Greece is not its birthplace, the word onyx comes from the ancient Greek word ὄνυξ (onyxis), which means a fingernail or claw.

That is because its plain white color resembles nails.

The word was later translated into German and Latin.

However, this old stone originates from ancient Persia, today known as Iran.

But White Onyx was also present in Ancient Rome and Egypt.

Moreover, according to one myth, Eros cut the nails of the Roman goddess Venus while she was asleep, resulting in the creation of this unique gemstone.

Another legend says that Cupid used an opportunity while Aphrodite was sleeping to clip her claw using an arrowhead.

The three goddesses of destiny turned this item into a marvelous stone.

This stone had various purposes in ancient times, including for décor and making sculptures and art.

People used to combine White and Black onyx to create more fascinating figures and artistic effects.

Nevertheless, this gemstone had a notorious reputation in the Middle Ages. Many people believe it indicates misfortune, terror, and disaster.

But some also used it to protect themselves from dark magic and evil forces.

Luckily, White Onyx is no longer considered an omen.

Today, North-West Iran, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Turkey are the most significant producers of this mesmerizing stone.

But the purity level depends on the country.

For instance, the Mexican White Onyx is below the standard purity level due to yellow-golden ivory veins creasing the surface.

Turkish White Onyx has similar characteristics, with yellow-golden streaks on its external layers.

That makes the Iranian White Onyx the purest form of this stone, with impressive quality. – It is pure white and prides itself on a fine and delicate structure.

Moreover, the Iranian White Onyx has nearly no calcite veins, strikes, or blemishes.

As a result, many consider it a luxury gemstone and an acquisition that’s challenging to find.

Most people purchase the White Onyx Stone because they see its pureness and simplicity as enchanting and rare.

Lack of oxidation is responsible for this stone’s purity, as it doesn’t come in touch with the underground waters.

However, all onyx slabs have fissures and cracks on their surface layers, as they’re not as durable as granite, travertine, and marble.

Even though this onyx is white, it comes in various shades.

Different Colors

White Onyx stone has crystal-like properties, making it fragile and delicate.

Hence, its slabs often undergo a unique resin reinforcement to remove micro-cracks and improve its resilience.

This unique stone has large areas of pure white color intertwined with rusty red and brown veins.

However, it may also come with purple streaks.

The best part of this slab is that its white areas have a translucent effect in the light.

Overall, the White Onyx comes in various subtle differences of shades and hues.

This stone can be snow-white and typically originates in Afghanistan.

It can also have orange, rose, honey, willow, Kerman white, white-zebra, and white-tiger stripes.

Thanks to that, everyone can find the color that best fits their needs and preferences.

But the pure white Onyx is the most revered slab.

Spiritual Meaning

White Onyx is a versatile stone with multiple purposes and advantages.

But most crystal healing professionals agree that its principal role is being a source of positive energy and providing purification.

After all, this gemstone has a pure and unique white glass, showing well what it does best.

It serves as guidance and a beacon of hope, offering the way to those who lost hope.

This gorgeous stone can help people heal their wounds and find an exit from despair and resignation.

However, it doesn’t act like other crystals, and it doesn’t signify a clean slate.

Instead, this stone is about learning to live in your current situation and make the most of it. It isn’t a sign of a new beginning but acceptance.

White Onyx will bring balance and harmony to your soul and body.

Thanks to that, it’s excellent support if you’re struggling with stress, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Moreover, this gemstone can help you calm down when agitated and feel at ease.

It can bring clarity and help you focus on what makes you happy and genuinely matters.

This stone can unlock your true potential and help you find your way.

People often struggle with intense and chaotic feelings, preventing them from following their directions and staying focused.

But the White Onyx is perfect for soothing your emotions and helping you identify your purpose and dreams.

However, this marvelous stone can also help you reconnect with your inner child and feel the innocence many people crave as they age.

For instance, ancient tribes in the Middle East used it in healing rituals, hoping to regain their strength and recover their youth.

Europeans also used it for therapeutic purposes for shy people whose introversion prevented them from reaching their objectives.

Today, many crystal healing practitioners claim this stone is spiritually well-connected and vigorous.

Although its most powerful advantage is emotional purification, people with spiritual inclinations could experience a uniquely intense surge of power.

Besides, this stone is potent enough to improve your intuition and ability to read between the lines.

It boosts your insight and helps you tap into the cosmos’s energy and absorb it. White Onyx also lets you look inward and reconnect with your inner child and hidden dreams.

Some crystal healing practitioners even claim that this gemstone enables people to manage the energy of the universe to their advantage.

However, not everyone feels comfortable with handling universal vitality and its possibilities.

This remarkable stone allows people to dive into the well of enlightenment and source cosmic information.

Many gemstones do the same, but only a few provide the utilization gift. Yet, White Onyx does both.

Because of that, many consider it a source of universal energy.

If you embrace the abilities and power this stone provides, you’ll get the opportunity to tap into the great unknown and discover unparalleled understanding and knowledge.

White Onyx stone can protect people from unwanted occurrences, nightmares, and evil spirits.

This gemstone is the ultimate expression of virtue, making it ideal for introducing more light and positive things into your life.

Thus, many crystal healing professionals believe it alleviates spiritual, physical, and mental traumas.

After all, this stone can remind you of your power and control over your life.

Even if everything goes wrong, you will still have you, and that’s enough to confront your inner demons and show your strength.

Therefore, White Onyx is synonymous with recovery and comfort.

It can chase away the negative feelings and help you re-establish peace and believe in good things again.

Some crystal healing practitioners believe that the stripe on the surface layers of this stone represents the universe.

No wonder the White Onyx can help you stabilize your life and reintroduce a steady pace into your schedule.

This stone reminds you of the paramount importance of living slowly and enjoying every moment.

People often use it to enhance their work-life balance and make their lives more harmonious.

The world has become increasingly dynamic and rapidly changing, making it necessary to have support to help you ground yourself and enjoy the simple things.

White Onyx stone is ideal for shutting off external noise and being more present in your life.

It can help you improve your spirituality and only focus on meaningful activities that make a difference.


White Onyx stone symbolizes innocence, purity, and calmness. It has an ethereal appearance and soothing energy.

This remarkable stone can calm you when you are anxious, scared, and panicky.

Its vibrations are serene and peaceful, appealing to your need for serenity and uncluttered life.

Moreover, this gemstone is also a symbol of the universe and its almighty energy.

Thanks to that, it can make you feel more harmonious and reinforce clarity of mind.

If you let the powers of this stone impact your life, you will learn how to live more slowly and be present in the moment.

White Onyx symbolizes comfort and genuine happiness.

It reminds you that you can find joy in the world around you, even when everything seems to be going wrong.

The powers of this stone can be enough to stimulate a different approach to life and make you more optimistic.

It helps stabilize intense emotions and focus on your dreams and goals.

This gemstone reminds you of the importance of not allowing insignificant things to cloud your mind and force you to forget yourself and your needs.

Thus, it reminds you that you must first take care of yourself to have enough energy and power to help others.

Therefore, the White Onyx stone reinforces self-love while nurturing self-awareness and empathy.

Here’s how this stone can improve your physical and mental health.

White Onyx Stone Healing Properties

White Onyx stone can enhance your mental strength and self-control and help you stay composed in intense situations.

This unique gemstone can harmonize vibrations and prevent negative energy from intruding on your aura.

Moreover, it pushes away intrusive thoughts and helps you live an authentic and fulfilled life.

You can use this stone to reconnect with your inner joy and improve your resilience.

Besides, it’s an ideal amulet for anxious, depressed, and insecure people, as it helps them be more confident and think clearly.

This stone can remind you that your negative thoughts rarely have grounds in real life and that they don’t determine your value.

As a versatile and powerful gemstone, White Onyx can help women struggling with hormonal imbalances and improve prostate health in men.

The magnitude of this stone’s power goes even further.

It can help with the bone issues such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

These conditions are typically excruciating, but the White Onyx can reduce the pain and promote healing.

Nevertheless, it also helps maintain the circulatory system’s health, keeping optimal blood flow and pressure.

This stone is ideal for calming the nervous system and nurturing inner peace.

Thanks to that, you will have a better sleep routine and get more rest.

Nightmares and sleepless nights are nearly nonexistent if you keep this stone near your bed.

But it is also good for the bone marrow, feet, and teeth.

Many crystal healing practitioners claim that this gemstone can enhance hair quality, keep your eyesight sharp, and alleviate kidney issues.

People often use it to strengthen their nails and make their skin more moisturized and youthful.

However, many believe this stone can protect them from breaking a bone or having an accident.

According to some beliefs, it can also help reduce the health issues related to the spleen and stomach.

For instance, people struggling with food sensitivities, acid reflux, and chronic pain could experience relief after using this stone.

The White Onyx improves overall health and stimulates your body to absorb more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

It can also boost hormone production and regulate thyroid function.

As a result, you will have a more stable metabolism, vitality, and well-balanced hormones.

Moreover, White Onyx can alleviate toothache, muscle strain, neck pain, headache, back pain, and leg cramps.

If you place it on your upper body, it will bring comfort and improve how your stomach functions.

Some crystal healing practitioners claim that this stone can help women while giving birth or recovering during the post-partum process.

It may also help people lose weight faster and feel better in their bodies.

Hence, the White Onyx stone can enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health, putting you at ease and happier.

White Onyx Stone Metaphysical Properties

White Onyx stone is among the rare minerals with an increased telluric energetic influx.

Thanks to that, it can harmonize the female and male energy and stimulate balance in any situation.

But it can also reinforce inner harmony and help people feel more comfortable with themselves, their lives, and those around them.

Many forget the importance of maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang energies, which is necessary for opening to the positive gifts from the universe.

Moreover, this harmony helps improve intuition and receive guidance from the greater realms.

This stone has enough power to purify your aura and protect you from negative influences and people with ill intentions.

No wonder people used it in ancient times to protect themselves from evil spirits and increase their confidence and a sense of fulfillment.

Today, many use this stone to boost their magnetism and self-esteem, making them more attractive and influential.

However, using the White Onyx is recommended not only for your benefit.

As a pure and positive stone, it is meant to help everyone and nurture kindness in the world.

Therefore, you shouldn’t use it to get ahead of others but to feel better in your skin and spread happiness and optimism.

Moreover, this stone can help you increase and strengthen your physical, spiritual, and mental vitality and be a more well-rounded person.

That is why it plays a significant role in restoring inner peace and finding joy in simple pleasures.

White Onyx stone helps balance the male and female energy and invites positive things into your life.

If you embrace its energy and harmony, you will be open to the gift of the universe and have a more profound understanding of the greater realms.

Since this stone protects toxic people and misfortune, it can repel those who don’t wish you good and attract like-minded souls.

But it also promotes personal evolution and growth.

Because of that, this stone is ideal for confronting your fears and learning to handle them.

When you discover how to control your worry and apprehension, you’ll have an easier time accepting yourself the way you are.

This stone helps revitalize your energy, focus on the good things in your life, and feel more confident in your abilities and goals.

Besides, it facilitates communication with the higher realm’s spirits, including your protectors and spiritual guides.

Other Benefits and Uses

One of the best aspects of the White Onyx stone is that it can boost your spiritual capabilities and allow you to feel the presence of beings from a different realm.

But it also makes you more intuitive and helps you attract positive things.

Because of that, it’s ideal for reinforcing the law of attraction. You can use this stone to cleanse your spirit and aura, as it can collect negative energy and protect you from harm.

White Onyx can serve as an amulet and protect you from negative people and misfortunate circumstances.

It can also boost your ability to stand up for what’s right and advocate for yourself and others.

Since this is a generous and versatile stone, wearing it can also benefit your loved ones.

For instance, if someone close to you is feeling down, White Onyx could give them the strength to fight for themselves and get back on track.

Moreover, it can nurture a positive workplace atmosphere and protect you from coworkers who might not wish you well.

This stone will keep you away from hearsay, intrigues, and gossip.

It will hold people back from taking advantage of you or involving you in potentially toxic situations.

Besides, this gemstone will protect you from those who use black magic or may try to manipulate your dreams.

Like most crystals and minerals, White Onyx is stellar support for your meditation.

Use it to focus on the moment, breathing, and relaxing your body.

If you want to reinforce your connections with loved ones, this stone will help you preserve those bonds.

It can strengthen the feelings between couples, intensify the passion, and deepen the trust between people.

However, this stone can also protect your relationship from people who might try to separate you from your partner.

This unique stone can eliminate potential threats and help you focus on love and being happy.

Zodiac Birthstone

Even though White Onyx is a versatile and powerful stone, it’s not strictly associated with any Zodiac sign.

However, that means it will work equally efficiently for everyone, regardless of their birth time and natal charts.

Every person can benefit from this stone and its capabilities.

However, many astrologers claim that the White Onyx’s properties, meaning, and healing power resonate with Capricorns.

People born as Capricorns are genuine, hard-working, and find joy in small things. Their energy aligns with this gentle stone.

After all, this Zodiac sign might be considered stern and business-oriented, but they ooze with confidence and tend to stay composed even in the most challenging situations.

These individuals like to live slowly and rarely pay attention to what others are doing because they prefer having peace of mind.

They have no patience for gossip and caring about insignificant things.

However, White Onyx also resonates with those born in the Zodiac signs of Aquarius and Leo.

These people typically appreciate flexibility and resilience and quickly adapt to challenging situations.

Therefore, the White Onyx stone could be an ideal birthday gift for those born in January and August.

But there are no limits to who should have it, as this gemstone benefits everyone.


White Onyx is an ideal stone for all types of jewelry. You can wear this stone as a necklace, earring, or bracelet.

Thanks to its simplicity and minimalist look, it will fit any style and make your outfit complete.

However, this stone might suit more people who appreciate elegance and dislike overdressing.

How to Cleanse and Charge White Onyx Stone?

White Onyx is unique concerning cleaning. The best way to clean it is to wash it with mineral water and use a soft cloth to dry it.

Avoid soap when washing this stone because it could absorb potentially harmful chemicals.

You can charge the White Onyx by leaving it in the morning sun for a few hours. But remember to purify it first.

However, you can also use your own energy to charge it by holding it in your hands.

Besides, you can program your White Onyx stone. The best time to do it is when meditating.

Clinch the stone using your right hand and focus on the process.

Place it on your chest afterward and distribute its powerful energy throughout your body.

How Much Does White Onyx Stone Cost?

White Onyx stone costs between $70-140 a carat.

Since it’s among the most expensive gemstones in the world, be ready to open your wallet.

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Even though it had a dark history in the ancient period, White Onyx is among the most luxurious and pricey stones today.

But it is also one of the most powerful, pure, and mesmerizing minerals that can improve your life and health and protect you from evil spirits.

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