White Sapphire Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

With the recent upturn of alternative medicine and its usage, we have also witnessed the inclined popularity of gemstones and crystals.

One of their many popular uses provides healing for the body, mind, and soul, as these stones have a stable flow of healing energy that can help restore balance and vitality.

Healing crystals have been in use for thousands of years in various ways.

Allowing crystals into your life is embracing the ancient knowledge of guidance and protecting your spirit.

Ancient civilizations once incorporated these precious stones into jewelry, amulets for protection, decorative statues, and personal belongings, proving their steady power today.

Humans are naturally receptive to the vibrations of gemstones which align with the vibrations of our bodies and minds, resulting in a program of intentional healing – this is where their power lies.

Nowadays, people’s opinions are divided between believing in the healing properties of various types of crystals and understanding it as a pseudoscience that cannot replace proven medicine.

Wherever your judgment lands, crystals can help with spiritual and emotional transformation, abundance, and bringing balance and peace to your life.

Individual crystals usually have various exceptional energies that can align with specific areas of your life.

Depending on what your body, mind, and spirit need, you might find the answer you are looking for in the corresponding crystal and its power.

One of the most expressive ones is the White Sapphire – an ideal crystal to honor the higher mind, clarity, and sharpen your intuition.

White Sapphire Crystal Origin

Precious gemstones and healing crystals are often manufactured with such precision that it is almost impossible to recognize the differences.

But the authentic crystals have rich histories, some dating back to even Ancient Sumerians in the 4th millennium BC.

The original use of the first found crystals was in magic formulas that helped people with healing, balance, protection, and health.

This notion held its purpose today, as we often opt to wear gemstones on our bodies rather than to keep them elsewhere.

One of the most popular gemstones is a diamond, a mineral composed of pure carbon.

But with its fame comes the price, as diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance we know.

Luckily, we have encountered and subsided it with a cheaper version, but still precious sapphire stones.

White Sapphire has become a more affordable alternative for diamonds, especially when it comes to jewelry and engagement rings.

It has become so popular that a regular onlooker could not tell the difference between these precious stones without proper tools.

White Sapphire, also known as Safed Pukhraj in India, is significant in Vedic Astrology, as the gemstone carries the vibrations of the planet Neptune which is in tune with specific gemstones and crystals.

In astrology, Neptune is the psychic planet of intuition, spirituality, and psychic sensitivity, the domain of everything unseen and unknown.

It is also the planet of our imaginations, hopes, and subconscious mind, tightly woven with authentic reality.

Vedic Astrology is rooted in India’s ancient system of knowledge known as Vedas, which taught about stars and planets and their powerful influence on our lives.

Also known as “the science of light” as it is connected to karmic redemption and spiritual growth.

Besides Neptune, the energy of the planet Venus is present in the White Pukhraj stone, often deemed the stone for good luck, celestial grace, wisdom, and general happiness.

White Sapphire originates from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Madagascar, even with its rare color.

Due to their extraordinary clarity and large size, some of the most prized white stones are from Sri Lanka.

A lot is unknown about the history of these stones other than the connection with the planet’s vibrations.

The natural White Sapphires belong to the mineral Corundum family, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, often with traces of titanium, iron, or magnesium.

Sapphires are considered the third hardest mineral after diamond and moissanite, and due to this are used in windows, infrared optical components, and electronic wafers.

Different Colors

Sapphires are valuable pieces of history that not many can gather.

Often considered high-end jewelry, even without the connection to diamonds, sapphires are naturally painted blue – the legendary honor of sapphires.

But the color and hue of the stone do not correlate with its benefits and properties.

White Sapphire stones are not truly white.

White Sapphires are colorless stones with highly transparent and cloudy visuals, similar to diamonds.

Due to their color, or lack thereof, they are considered perfect for mixing with other colored gemstones, a practice famous in jewelry making.

This lack of color is what makes them unique, especially when it comes to their power.

If we are talking about sapphires, it is crucial to mention the variations of their colors, excluding the white and blue ones.

Sapphires occur in yellow, purple, orange, purple, green, and red rubies.

Their color is dependable on the ratio of the minerals present.

For example, blue sapphires have a lot of titanium and iron, while purple and shades of yellow can have more traces of chromium and iron.

And while rubies are considered corundum stones with dominant red color, the colors of sapphires depend on the number of minerals present in the stones.

The rarest colors are padparadscha, a gentle mix of pink and orange hues, and cornflower blue, but White Sapphire crystal is not far behind.

Science does not accept completely colorless sapphires, so even the white, cloudy stones have traces of iron, giving them a very pale yellow to green hue.

Unlike its family, the White Sapphire is the purest form of corundum without traces of any element.

The more colorless the stone is, the more value it holds. Most stones in rotation are produced in laboratories, making the natural White Sapphires rare.

But the actual value of the stone is in its properties and power.

Spiritual Meaning

As mentioned, White Sapphire crystals connect with the Crown Chakra, the first chakra out of seven, responsible for our connection to spirit, wisdom, and consciousness.

Throughout history, White Sapphire crystals have been used and worn for protection and good fortune, but their power transcends spiritual insight.

Those who used the Stones of Wisdom enjoyed the utmost respect for their ways of kindness and wise judgment.

Carrying the pure energy of the light that transcends the surface, White Sapphires open up the powers of your mind.

If used accordingly and in quality, they can help with emotional and spiritual blockages and seeking spiritual guidance.

It does not need to be the only tool in resolving the issue, but it can aid in overcoming the obstacles.

Connected with the planets Venus and Neptune, the white stone embodies love, beauty, peace, and strength.

With its connection, it works beyond its powers, as it brings calmness and clarity to those seeking it.

If you are going through anxiety, it can calm your racing mind and release the mental tension you might feel.

White Sapphire is exceptional for opening your mind to intuition as it brings you joy and newfound light.

The rest is up to you, but the gentle push in the right direction is there.

It can be worn on your body or kept somewhere around you, but it is crucial to feel its presence.

White Sapphire is a valuable piece of jewelry in the visual sense and as a stone of protection.

While assisting you with breaking self-defeating thoughts, habits, or behaviors, White Sapphire acts as a token of love and faith.

Love for yourself, but also confidence in your goals, improvement in any way necessary, and keeping you on the right path.

Influenced by the power of Venus, the White Sapphire governs creativity and divine feminine energy.

But its power does not stop there, as it provides knowledge and wisdom. And that is something crucial to surviving in today’s world.


Similarly to its color, the White Sapphire is the epitome of love, wisdom, guidance, and celestial grace.

One could say that it lacks color, but the cloudiness of the stone symbolizes clarity and peace in our minds after the storm.

Your anxiety-fueled brain deserves the break it gets with the precious gemstone as you finally receive peace of mind.

Connected with the highest chakral point in our body, White Sapphire works its magic around your Crown Chakra, where everything starts and stops.

It encourages opening your mind and releasing frustration, no matter the cause.

Opening the Crown Chakra allows your mind to gather the pieces together and guide you to the path of resurrection and balance.

White Sapphires purify bodily and emotional toxicity, as the stone works around relieving pessimistic thoughts. It gives you a clean slate for your mind and soul as you take the next step.

White is considered the purest of colors, or lack thereof, and it is a serene reminder of new beginnings.

Nothing is concluded until you say so, as White Sapphire declutters your emotions, mind, past mistakes, problems, and troubles.

The Sapphire family is said to possess heavenly powers for whoever uses the stone for their purpose and bestows them with various pleasures.

White Sapphire is exceptional in carrying celestial communication, allowing you to connect with your higher self.

It also strengthens your self-love before you are ready to give it to others around you.

A stone for every occasion, but not for everyone, as it takes a wise carrier to recognize its true powers.

White Sapphire Crystal Healing Properties

Starting with your Crown Chakra, White Sapphires bring serenity and peace to those who seek it.

As mentioned, everything begins and stops in your head, so keeping it clear and focused is the way to go.

White Sapphires recognize the same importance, so it brings so many healing properties to the ones who deserve them.

Even if you are not wearing the piece of this divine jewelry, it is enough to believe in its power even if it is around you.

We have mentioned how pure, original White Sapphire is difficult to find, but if you ever get so lucky, it is of utmost certainty to keep it close.

It can guide you back to the right path, even when unaware of the straying.

As it stimulates your mind to calm and find peace, it can also heal your physical, emotional, and mental body.

Starting with Crown Chakra, White Sapphire crystals allow your universe to expand to its total capacity.

Our energies and other chakras are balanced when the Crown Chakra is in harmony.

We are one with our intuition, keeping ourselves sane and unruffled as we take the next step.

As the stone clears the mind of negative thoughts, it gives clarity with a fresh perspective and new beginnings.

It helps boost your self-esteem as poisons are released from your body and mind.

Especially useful for women as the stone is an excellent recipient of divine female energy, but it can be helpful with stimulating fertility and erasing reproductive problems.

But its power does not stop there, as everyone can use it with proper care and treatment.

White Sapphire gathers the courage to pass old mistakes and troubles and helps bring peace and balance to your physical health.

It is exceptional for treating blood disorders and glands in your brain that regulate the hormone for sleep called melatonin.

Active melatonin is derived from serotonin and carries a therapeutic effect needed for good rest and a well-functioning sleep-wake cycle.

Connected with your higher self, calm and stress-free body and mind, White Sapphire makes you receptive to changes and new beginnings.

It creates prosperity, abundance, and equality in your life.

It does not matter where your stress and pain come from, as White Sapphire works on all panels, clearing you from negative energy and thoughts as you reconnect with your intuition.

When your mind and soul are open, everything else comes easier – especially success and peace.

Finally, White Sapphire reminds you not to hurry anywhere, as a life of inner peace is the easiest way to live to the fullest.

White Sapphire Crystal Metaphysical Properties 

White Sapphire Crystal is an astonishing gemstone that will surprise you with its potent metaphysical characteristics.

It will help you activate every energy field within your body and mind and enhance cerebral activity.

That allows you to feel closer to your spiritual guides and connect with the higher realm in a profound and meaningful way.

If you use this gemstone long enough, you will feel that the veil was lifted and that you can fathom things that came across as overly perplexing or complicated.

It helps you have greater spiritual clarity and comprehend complex concepts and thoughts.

As a result, you will boost your imagination and creativity, making you feel more inspired and in awe of the world.

Moreover, you will be more connected to everything around you and understand the subtle and invisible treads that keep everything together.

That will give you a better sense of direction and help you comprehend where you want life to take you and how to get there.

Hence, this gemstone is ideal for those seeking a sign and trying to understand what would make them happy.

But White Sapphire Crystal will also help you be a better communicator, allowing you to turn thoughts into words and words into actions more efficiently.

Thanks to that, you will convey messages with ease and sound more confident and compelling.

Besides making you feel more connected to the external and internal world, this gemstone will bring you closer to a higher self-consciousness.

Its metaphysical power enables you to unlock the less accessible corners of your mind and soul and communicate with the spirits and spiritual guides.

White Sapphire Crystal will also help you blend spiritual insights with a well-thought-out practical approach, allowing you to achieve more and turn your wishes into actionable plans.

That gives you an opportunity to face every problem with more determination and approach decision-making with higher confidence and more faith in positive outcomes.

These are essential for being a well-rounded individual, unafraid of confronting challenges and overcoming challenges.

White Sapphire Crystal will help you eliminate tedious mental roadblocks, ensuring nothing holds you back from communicating with people effectively and finding your place in the world.

Moreover, you’ll reinforce the ability to see things from a different perspective and find the best approach to solving every issue the universe throws at you.

That helps you become a more assertive, carefree, and determined person.

This gemstone will ensure you keep an open mind and walk through life with curiosity and bravery.

If you struggle with feeling comfortable in the social world and opening to people, carrying this crystal will help you feel more relaxed and find the right words to express yourself at any moment.

No wonder many associate White Sapphire with mental strength and dominance.

No matter how uneasy you feel in the crowd and large gatherings, it will help you remain composed and connect with like-minded people.

The energy of this magnificent gemstone will help you purify your mind and unlock wisdom and greater self-esteem.

You will also be more aware of problems and potential long-term solutions instead of jumping to rash decisions and quick but ineffective fixes.

Thanks to that, you will feel better in your skin and confident in what your mind communicates to you.

Here’s how else you can leverage White Sapphire Crystal.

Other Benefits and Uses 

White Sapphire Crystal will help anyone struggling with mental tension, pressure, and creativity loss.

It helps sharpen cerebral activity and resilience, allowing you to grasp complex concepts and be more imaginative.

This gemstone will encourage you to embrace the beauty and chaos of the world and find joy where most people wouldn’t.

Thanks to that, it can improve the overall quality of life and help you become more optimistic and energetic.

Moreover, White Sapphire can reinforce or discover your talents and use them more productively.

It can help you get rid of procrastination and bad habits that hamper your discipline and commitment.

As a result, you will be more determined to dedicate yourself to professional projects and objectives, increasing the odds of success and prosperity.

This stone can help you eliminate a defeatist attitude and focus on the future.

That way, you will curb behaviors and thoughts that impede your career, mental, and creative progress.

On the other hand, you can also use White Sapphire Crystal to solve love problems and bring more harmony to your romantic relationship.

If you feel disconnected from your partner, wear this gemstone to heal and reinforce your bond.

But it will also help you be more empathetic and resonate with your significant other’s point of view and feelings.

This gemstone will enable you to unlock your leadership skills and be more persuasive.

Thanks to that, you can improve your position in the professional world and be a more captivating communicator.

Zodiac Birthstone 

Even though many astrologers and crystal healing practitioners might disagree, the White Sapphire Crystal was traditionally known as the birthstone of those born in April.

Hence, Taureans will benefit the most from owning this gemstone and experience its properties more intensely than others.

However, it is also a good gift for people born in September.

But that isn’t to say that others shouldn’t carry this gemstone, as it benefits everyone.


White Sapphire Crystal is a popular choice for necklace pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

It’s subtle and fits every occasion and outfit.

Moreover, many people buy White Sapphire engagement rings as they are an excellent alternative to diamonds.

This gemstone matches well with white, rose, and yellow gold.

How to Cleanse and Charge White Sapphire Crystal?

The best way to cleanse White Sapphire Crystal is to immerse it in a container or glass containing a combination of distilled and lukewarm water.

Ensure you don’t leave it for longer than half an hour.

You can charge it by leaving it on the window, allowing it to soak in the sun’s rays.

But you can also do it by performing an activity you enjoy, as this gemstone feeds on positive vibes and energy.

How Much Does White Sapphire Crystal Cost?

The price of White Sapphire Crystal depends on the size, shape, and shade, but it ranges between approximately $30 and $1000 per carat.

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White Sapphire Crystal is an elegant gemstone that enhances spiritual and mental clarity and helps the wearer unlock their hidden abilities, talents, and potential.

It is ideal if you want a crystal that will help you improve your decision-making, solution-orientedness, and creativity.

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