Yellow Jasper Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Jasper is the stone that has been worshiped since ancient times for sure; many old cultures have been known for its remarkable impact on human health. Not only in a physical way, but also in every other.

There are many kinds of Jasper stone – one kind we will examine today.

Yellow Jasper is a wonderful rock for being a perfect tool when it is needed to take care of some form of jealousy and envy, which is co-common these days.

It is believed that all Jasper stones and this also includes the Yellow kind and makes an excellent shield if you are the target of any kind of jealousy and insignificant dish about you, but it is still something that will make you feel bad and it will cause you to feel bad energy.

Also, the Yellow kind of this stone is known to be very effective when it needs to be worn against chronic pains, and any form of a problem that is chronic and that lasts for a long time.

Use this stone for this purpose or many others, it is a game changer for sure.

Yellow Jasper is the stone that is related to the idea of self-consciousness, and to the growth of it for that matter.

But this is just a fraction of its influence.

One interesting fact – it is believed that precisely Jasper’s stone was the part of the jewelry that Marcus Antonius sent to his beloved Cleopatra.

And, even nowadays, there is a firm belief that the Jasper stone is associated with a firm, but gentle and grounding power.

Yellow Jasper Origin

Jasper was a favorite stone in ancient times and its name proves it, as we can find its name in numerous ancient texts, including text that was written in Hebrew, Persian, Greek, and Latin.

This just proves that Yellow Jasper is present for a long time.

This stone is very rock and in many countries, this is the stone that is¬†synonymous with the simile “hard as a rock”.

And regardless of its strength, it has a balanced energy that is loved by many for this reason – just as the rock can stand the test of time, this stone also in its energetical work acts slowly and provides constant, slow, measured energy, which is especially good in times of change.

Many of the world’s changes on a global level, especially in the old times were it followed turbulence in the world.

Then it was believed that this stone can prevent chaos.

Later on, in Roman and Vicing civilizations, Jasper was a highly valuable stone.

Today we can find it in countries such as the USA, Russia, Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Uruguay.

Different Colors

It is made out of several minerals, which is why it appears in many colors and with various patterns, yellow just being one of them.

It can appear in any color.

But when it comes to the yellow color, we notice that this stone comes in a large variety of yellow tones, depending on the percentage of minerals in it; it can be a darker tone more like a mustard yellow, and it can also be very pale yellow.

Jasper in any color, especially red or orange indicates that you can solve any problem without being aggressive about it. If you confront bullies or prejudices, the opposite side will soften.

All jaspers, especially red as the most powerful, protect against physical threats and psychic attacks.

Red jasper will return all negative energy to the one who sends it.

Spiritual Meaning

First of all, it is firmly believed that all Jasper stones are perfect stones to be used in times of need when things are changing around you, and you need strength to be as calm as you can, and firm at the same time.

Yellow Jasper is a stone that brings strength and protection.

It gives a person who wears it a lot of courage to speak his mind and be independent.

To become free from anyone’s beliefs – and all thanks to its connection to the earth, and the spiritual energy that “grounds”.

It calms and relaxes.

It is believed and this is especially true in the Native American culture, where doctors are often using Jasper stones – but not for the purposes you may think at first.

They were using this stone as a protective tool for their common journeys to the spirit world.

They also did not have any doubt that this stone is able to provide protection against negative energy and that it can serve as a stabilization of energies.

They believed that in this way, they have provided a protective shield against bad spirits that lurk on their spiritual journey.

And today a similar analogy is present – Jasper stone is abundantly used during a long hospital stay and when one’s energy level is low.

Yellow stone is, in this way, used for the process of grounding one’s energy levels, as they are most certainly low when the person is in a hospital, sick, and lays down for a lot of time.

Jasper is a well-known stone that is used in shamanic practices – and in this way, it is associated with wisdom.

They have also used this stone – most notably as necklaces as a protective tool when they have been traveling to the Otherworld.


For all people who are alone, who feel that they are alone and that they are not able to act in the right way, because they are very self-conscious themselves.

This is the stone that will help you be more confident, and not care about what others think of you.

If you had any form of embarrassment – being afraid of a public speech, talking to a person you love, etc.

There is one interesting piece of information and that is – Jasper was once seen as a warrior’s stone because it brings loyalty, inner strength, and principles.

It strengthens those who fight for justice and fair play, especially if their job is to correct injustice (lawyers, judges, policemen, and soldiers are among those who should carry this stone when they are at their workplace in particular).

It gives the courage to prepare for a fight, physical or emotional, it strengthens one’s will to do good.

Hard as a rock is a synonym used for all Jasper stones – it is the symbol of slow, but hard energy, without a doubt, it provides constant, slow, rhythmic energy, which is especially good in times of change, as it prevents chaos.

When times are changing, on a global scale, or also on a personal level, then Yellow Jasper should be carried around.

For many, it can be seen as a symbol of regeneration: it can help you look and feel younger and more energetic if carried around – when you

Yellow Jasper Healing Properties

Healers use the healing properties of this stone in their craft, and as we have said it is a known fact for many, many years.

When it comes to physical healing – it is useful for all skin problems, especially viral infections.

It helps fight infections and accelerates the healing of wounds caused by animal and insect bites.

It is excellent for enhancing the effect of medicinal plants and flower essences used to treat animals.

It also improves the condition of the internal organs.

When it comes to emotional healing – then this stone is a perfect one.

Yellow Jasper should be used for people who have a nervous breakdown, and see themselves as unfitting to their environment.

It is good for shy and insecure people who want change – who want to come out of their shells.

All people who are doing therapy and counseling, who want to overcome addiction and compulsive behavior, and who gather the emotional strength needed to fight, should be at home and meditate with this Jasper stone.

It speeds up emotional recovery after trauma or nervous breakdowns.

By stimulating the basic chakras, cleansing and stabilizing the Aura, he returns negativity to its source.

Calms sexual aggression, supports sexual compatibility, and enhances tantric sex.

gently stimulates, grounds energy, and corrects irregular situations. It sheds light on a problem before it escalates and is good for emotionally calming a person.

Yellow Jasper Metaphysical Properties

It protects its bearers from other people, forces, and themselves. It helps a person not to get too carried away, not to go astray, and not to deviate from their goals.

It reminds us that we are not only on Earth for ourselves, but also for the joy of others and helping them to free themselves from what limits them.

In the fourth century, he was known as the bringer of rain. Black jasper has been used for thousands of years to test gold and silver alloys to determine the percentage of gold in them.

Rubbing the alloy against the jasper produced a pattern whose color defined the gold content in a ratio of one to one hundred.

Jasper is one of the stones used in comose, a Florentine mosaic composed of cut pieces of brightly colored semi-precious stones that developed in Florence at the end of the 16th century.

Globes, clocks, and other decorative items are also made from jasper.

These earth-colored jaspers came to the modern world through the natives as icons of earth awareness and interconnectedness with all living things.

Yellow jasper helps the digestive system, especially the liver, gallbladder, and colon. It relieves the effects of nausea, fat intolerance, chronic indigestion, and bloating after eating.

Use brown or sand-colored stones to protect yourself and cleanse your body from toxins and impurities from the outside environment, especially if you live in a city.

It is useful for solving problems with balance and chronic back pain.

Jasper will increase awareness of how the earth works.

Yellow jasper protects against evil neighbors or colleagues at work.

Place it near your workplace to prevent others from gossiping about you while you are away

Use it to enhance your abilities. It is good for starting new work and will keep you on track in cases where you need to finish the work you started without making mistakes.

Yellow jasper reduces rivalry between children in the family and protects sensitive children from jealousy.

Other Benefits and Uses

It is said that when you have a dream and you notice this Yellow stone – then that dream announces a lot of happiness.

And, there is also a belief that when you dream that you have lost this precious stone, or that someone stole it from you, your luck will fade and turn to evil.

If you put a jasper under your tongue in a dream, you will soon hear the truth about something.

Now speaking of dreams – put this Jasper under your pillow, and it will help you to have a nice and peaceful sleep.

Also, in some cases, it could be used to assist you when you need to get out of bed on cold winter mornings or when you are too tired to get up.

It helps keep you in good spirits and focused on whatever the day brings.

Jasper protects against night terrors and helps establish physical and emotional balance – as we have said, and the symbolism is clear in a dream world also.

A woman should place it on their stomachs if they are dealing with menstrual and menopausal problems.

It helps circulation and warms cold and sore joints and muscles.

For some, it can assist with fertility.

Jasper is useful for anyone who has been in the hospital or after a long recovery from an illness, as well as those who are chronically depressed.

Use this stone for your teenage kids – all for the purpose of helping them to resist the prejudice and malice of peers and domineering educators.

People have found out that this stone is able to help animals also – as this stone stimulates fearful animals such as cats that defend their territory from predators.

It helps animals with young to develop a sense of motherhood, especially if they initially wean their young.

Jasper helps animals feel comfortable on very hot days – some claim that a similar effect has Yellow kind.

It brings to the exterior hidden emotions of guilt, envy, hatred, and love, and suppressed ideas.

This crystal gives a sense of proportion and harmony, brings comfort, and breaks down fear.

It is useful for reducing pathogenic and all other forms of harmful radiation.

Facilitates deep meditation, encourages astral travel, and stimulates the lower earth chakra.

It enhances the immune system, cleanses corrosion and poisons from the body, and cleanses the kidneys.

It heals the skin and strengthens the decision to quit smoking.

It balances yin and yang energy.

It enhances the sense of smell and relaxes the nerves.

Zodiac Birthstone

This type of stone is not connected to any Zodiac sign in particular, but Cancers and Capricorns could have a lot of benefit from it.

What is even more wonderful is that for these indecisive signs, this stone is known that it brings them what they truly need, not what they think they may need.

For Cancers- it serves to rekindle the love that has been buried behind domestic obligations, career, or financial problems, as they are struggling

And for all others, especially Capricorns, Yellow Jasper can be able to reinforce the bonds between other human beings.

For them, for both Zodiac signs, the usage of Yellow Jasper is perfect, as this is the stone that can strengthen family loyalty and reveal true and false friends – a necessity for Cancers.

It encourages teamwork in a competitive environment – perfect for stubborn Capricorns.


Traditionally, this hard rock is very much suitable for making jewelry – it is one of the most popular crystals for making seals and amulets because it was durable and very easy to engrave.

Mark Antony had a ring – a seal with which, according to romantic legend, he sealed the letters he sent to Cleopatra, a part of it, was a Jasper stone.

Women should wear it as a ring, as it can be an amazing amulet – a symbol of women and fertility.

How to Cleanse and Charge Yellow Jasper?

All Jasper stones must be regularly cleaned and charged – in this case, a stone hinders the importance it has.

When you are cleaning your Yellow Jasper stone, if you use a soap, use the mild one – you can use a brush or a cloth.

This is very important if you are cleaning the stone that is a part of the jewelry; then you must follow this procedure.

Bypass utilizing any kind of extreme chemicals for cleaning goals like bleaching or using some form of acids.

Yellow Jasper must not ever be let sit on direct heat, and you must avoid this by all means, especially for a long time.

Charge it on a mild morning Sun – this applies only to the Yellow kind.

How much does Yellow Jasper cost?

It is not truly expensive Рas we have said on the market you can find many kinds Рfrom piercing red to white.

These colors, in a real Jasper stone, are going to be natural.

Fake ones are too colorful and flashy, because of the additional elements in them.

You can find a genuine one for just a couple of dollars.

Bigger versions can cost more, and on the market, you can find a wonderful piece of jewelry with the Yellow Jasper in it.

Also, they do not cost so much, and they are struggling beautiful.

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Jasper was a favorite stone in ancient times and as we have said, the name Jasper in various forms could be found in Hebrew, Persian, Greek, and Latin findings.

All Jasper stones have inside of itself numerous minerals, which is why it appears in many colors and with various patterns.

All of them share something in common – they are very firm, but not only that, these stones are effective in dealing with numerous diseases, especially chronic ones.

Now, the Yellow kind, above all other things is the stone that is bringing a lot of strength and protection.

The person who is wearing this stone, by itself, as a talisman, or as a part of jewelry, will be endowed with the courage to speak his mind and be liberated.

Standing alone and thinking with your mind has never been easier – it is the stone that is making you feel grounded, as its strong energy can make you feel stable and firm, but also calm when the moment is like that.

You should use it if you are feeling that right now you have a problem dealing with something and changing, but that process scares you and even freaks you out.

It is good for shy and insecure people who want change – and who are afraid that they will be ridiculed by others.

It is a stone attached to the earth and which “grounds”.

Yellow Jasper is believed to ward off evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites.

It is said to protect and have a calming effect, thus creating stability and security.

This stone is also said to balance psychic, emotional, and intellectual states.

Jasper attracts what is needed, not what is wanted.

It is good for those who need to develop organizational skills. It helps to overcome states of depression and stress.

Many consider the Yellow Jasper stone as a relaxation stone, and one that should be used for the process of meditation very commonly.

In the physical world, jasper is useful for problems with the liver, blood, digestion, and bitterness (that is usually connected to problems with acid).

We invite you to take good care of the benefits that this stone gives – there are so many of them, and its power is known for centuries.

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