Yellow Opal Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Opal, one of the most popular crystals that we know, is mentioned in myths and traditions on all continents, and there is not one civilization in the world that did not speak of it in one way or the other.

But all civilizations, particularly the great ones, spoke of Opals as these were seen as stones that come directly from God.

Looking at the Aboriginal narrative, they believed that when God put his feet down in the world, the stones on which he steps started to alter colors, and these were future Opals, which have such wonderful and different colors.

This moment was, as they believe, the birth of all Opals in this world; and not only this, they believed that there is, somewhere up, in the stars, there is a huge Opal that is gold and that is connected to our hearts.

This belief that Opals can affect our emotions and therefore are useful for the control of our love life remained till this day.

Some other cultures believe that Opal stones were transmitted from the atmosphere during dark and stormy nights and that, specifically in these pebbles, the energy of lightning was retained.

They, thus, acknowledge that it is a rock useful for sowing the seed of hope, as even in the darkest places, we could find one stone, even if it is very dark.

Greeks also speak of Opals, on numerous occasions, claiming that they are in fact, Zeus’s tears that fell on the ground when he conquers the Titans.

The exterior characteristics of this stone, in fact, make it uniquely attractive, and therefore very popular.

Each of the Opal stones has a special design, and it is very unlikely that you will be able to find two same Opals.

Opal has, at the same time, effective and contradictory power, so it should be used and worn with a lot of care, as experts claim.

For example, if we look at the East and their traditions, they believe that this stone represents vain expectancies, in Western civilization, Opal symbolizes fortune and contentment and it is, therefore, a bearer of good luck and happy stone.

So, the beauty of Opals is endless, as there are so many colors and combinations of colors to choose from, as Nature played the role of Creator nicely, making them truly “out of this world” stones.

Yellow Opal finds its place in this definition as it is also one of the most beautiful Opal crystals, adorned with numerous benefits.

Yellow Opal Crystal Origin

All Opals that we know, have no defined form or are in fact amorphous and can be seen in giant structures.

This mineral is found in all those places where the Green Opal is found, These two have somewhat similar energies and are known to open all chakras in a person, particularly the heart chakra.

Opal crystal is found in numerous countries – Peru, Australia, Mexico, Oregon, Brazil, and Nevada.

Different Colors

All Opals are made in a process that is called the secondary lithogenic process.

There are many different Opals in the market, and many of them have different colors -they can be blue, white, black, yellow, or red.

In fact, there are regular Opals that have a unified color and are not as attractive as some others, which are made out of numerous colors and particles that are trapped inside.

Yellow Opal is a variety of common Opal.

It ranges in shade from clear and translucent yellow to very dark yellow kind.

Did you know that the shade of Opal simulates a certain healing effect on people, and that simply based on the color, you can use Opals for different purposes?

Hence, in therapy with crystals, a complete complex of various types of this mineral is usually utilized to maximize the impact on the organism, not just in the biological sense, but as a whole being.

But the mineral should be utilized with a lot of care because it can have an opposing outcome if it is incorrectly merged with other rocks.

In this sense, if we want to take a look at the traits of the Yellow Opal, then we know that in general, when a stone has a yellow color then they are seen as a relatively mild stone, but when they are not properly used they can expand fears and phobias.

Yellow Opal is thought to be the main helper when we have a certain presence of inner polarities, and also assists in enhancing relationships and supporting the home.

Spiritual Meaning

In a spiritual sense, this type of Opal, the yellow one, has the ability to improve psychic capabilities, the process where we can learn from a dream; and it also could be great in the process of allowing the spiritual journey, as not all of us are capable to do so, and this stone can help us.

It is a relaxing and calming stone, perfect for this, and it could be used for the throat and heart chakra and can enable telepathic interchange with realms that we would not be able to come close to.

Did you know that all Opal stones are amazing when used in the process of dealing with karma, and with the meditation using this Yellow gem, you can truly take a deep dive into the past, and find out what kind of karma awaits you?

And, what is even more, what kind of payback do you have to give to it, in return?

The law of karma states that every debt will be settled sooner or later because there is a perfect deal with the Universe, that will never judge us, it just aligns with who we are and who we were.

With the usage of Yellow Opal, you will be able to reframe your karmic debt repayment into a more pleasant experience.

Also, this is one of the greatest traits of this Opal – it enhanced all abilities that we have, not the ones that we think we have, and therefore, it is perfectly aligned with the Universe, since it does not judge it only gives us what we are, not what we think we are.

Although there is no universal answer for this sensation, it is most likely, that the Yellow Opal is the stone to be used for dealing with the family karma.

It could be the cause, that has been stopping you, based on the particular residual or unresolved problem from personal history; and now you can deal with it and move on.

Everything that happens to us in life, whether good or bad, boils down to four basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, and joy.

Yellow Opal helps us to deal with such emotions, regardless of their nature, but you must, if you want to make this process goes smoothly as possible, recognize each and every one of them, and find the cause of it, or else, these feelings could take on a problematic form.

Yellow Opal Crystal Healing Properties

As with all other Opal stones, this one with the Yellow color, also has amazing effects, but it also has additional effects that are associated with its shade.

Yellow Opal is declared to have a moving and revitalizing impact on us, nevertheless, if you are already feeling bad, then such a stone is not advisable to be used, as it amplifies feelings which is great when you’re up and inspired, and the worst nightmare when your feelings are down.

The time in which we live is increasingly filled with tension and uncertainty, and on the other side, things like closeness and the feeling of trust are missing.

All of this, at least on an occasion puts us in a bad mood.

It can be called depression, bad mood, illness, or loss of something that we cared for, it could be career failure or an interpersonal problem.

By using this stone you can achieve emotional strength and support cheerful thought habits; and the stone will just enhance them even more, leading you to the point where you can control negativity by yourself.

This Opal can promote creativity and imagination.

It is a fantastic rock for clearing emotional or spiritual jams, particularly self-imposed ones that restrict individual development, which is, in fact, the reason why we are not in the place we want to be.

Yellow Opal is believed to be the one Opal that improves psychic capabilities.

In physical healing, this, sunny type of Opal is utilized to cure gallstones, and kidney stones, if the person struggles with them in life, and many people do, for various reasons.

It can be a problematic and painful process that lasts long, but this stone can at least a bit assist you in this struggle.

This stone also is there to help you with any infection, and to assist all those who have to deal with Parkinson’s condition.

It is said that the Yellow stone reverberates with the solar plexus chakra and thus has a reviving outcome.

This yellow crystal is there to assist you to strengthen positive feelings and obtain emotional resilience.

It is excellent for clearing back-ups, especially those that are self-imposed, and what is even worst those blockages that are in our lives just to limit any of our individual development.

Yellow Opal Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Yellow opal is a traditional rock with special healing and metaphysical effects, that has been known for a long time ago, as we see in the writing of ancient civilizations.

It will destroy any bad fortune that is around you, leaving the negative, and making a room for the positive one.

It will leave you (for example, after the meditation) feeling happy, knowing that this was the right choice for you to participate in its spiritual path.

What is even more, this gem will function as decisive protection against potential threats and catastrophes that are lurking us.

It is a crystal that will convey to you all the pleasure and joy in your life and will create your life relaxed and concentrated on the new goal.

The Yellow Opal is famous for being perfect for all those who want to submit in the procedure of enlighting their view.

They are all those who want to see more.

With it, they can improve psychic visions and abilities and physically can be utilized to tour beyond our planet.

Other Benefits and Uses

Yellow Opal is known to be useful in the process of supporting and triggering a will (that we have a problem with, there is not any will to move in the desired direction, and we occasionally need to boost it), along the path it comes in the place with emotions.

The general belief will enhance the focus on your heart and its current desires.

In a physical sense, the Yellow Opal is excellent for boosting the immune system, helping the organism to become more immune to disease.

It is amazing for treating people who have Parkinson’s disease, which is a disease that is described as a movement disorder disease.

Movement disorders are caused by a decrease in the secretion of the chemical substance dopamine, in the part of the brain that plays an important role in controlling voluntary movements.

Using the Yellow Opal could be great for all people who deal with this illness.

It is also amazing for various types of infections, that could be caused by a certain bacteria or a virus.

Use this sunny stone to deal with the fever or control insulin.

It is said that this stone should be used by all who have a problem with weight, as it can help you with boosting your metabolism.

In old days, and we must say that such a belief remains till this day, that this Yellow Opal should be used for menstrual pains and to make childbirth easier and with less pain. and also ease pain childbirth.

Zodiac Birthstone

The Yellow Opal crystal is connected to the Zodiac signs Aries and Sagittarius.

In both of these cases, beneath a strong and independent personality on the surface can be hidden insecurities.

This is the case due to an excessive desire for success, which causes Aries to put enormous pressure on themselves, resulting in self-doubt.

In the case of Sagittarius people, in this way, they often mask this feeling with innate optimism and enthusiasm, thanks which other people often do not recognize it.

In both cases, mediation with the Yellow stone could significantly assist them in life.

Others say that the Yellow color of this crystal is amazing for all those who are Pisces, as it provides them with more ambition.

Such a stone could truly help these dreamy individuals to enhance their financial situation and also to make them more confident in their own skin.


Today, nevertheless, this Yellow stone is very much relished both in crystal treatment and in jewelry creations, as it could create numerous wonderful jewelry pieces.

Its pearlescent color shoots anyone who sets his eyes on it.

How to Cleanse and Charge Yellow Opal Crystal?

You can cleanse Yellow Opal after you have used it, by putting it under the tap water, that did not wait too much, the process should be fast.

Also, you can charge Yellow Opal by leaving the crystal in the Moonlight.

How much does Yellow Opal Crystal cost?

The cost of this yellow stone is not big, as this stone could be found easily on the market.

The most common prices are somewhere around one hundred dollars, and we are speaking of some quality pieces.

Of course, you can find on the market, some cheaper specimens, but also those that cost much more, here we are speaking about the bracelet with diamond and Yellow Opal and it costs around 200 dollars.

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It is necessary to comprehend that it is the character of the person who carries the stone that has a huge effect on how this stone will be used, whether will it be effective, and to what extent.

Opals, in general, are considered to be incredibly sensitive to the conduct of the person who carries the stone, consequently, they can display aggression, or such a stone could enhance some traits that they did not want to show.

Use this Yellow stone to open your creative activity, along with the

inventiveness, numerous artists love to use these crystals as it opens up their artistic activity.

If you have such tendencies you should buy this Yellow stone.

Believed to aid people who have a problem with expression.

Use it to allow your inhibitions to go on, and leave you clear, and it also promotes independence and autonomy and improves your vision.

Use it when you cannot come any close to the idea you would want to come.

Throughout the years, this type of Opal has been connected to love, passion and enthusiasm.

It is a rock that will give a light-hearted positive mood and can maintain the feeling of self-worth.

The Yellow Opal is known to be an inspiration of loyalty, commitment, and trust.

It is said that this stone attracts, and people claim that when they are holding it in their pockets, they could successfully attract money, enable all necessary changes and bring progress.

Yellow Opal also enhances our personal power, awakens our inner light, and revitalizes and energizes our body and mind, and at times this is not an easy or fast process, but it is there, for sure, we just need to know where to look.

Yellow Opal protects us from danger and strengthens the energies in the environment; as we have a tiny light that we can see through the darkness.

This is an excellent stone and a great helper for everyone who wants to let go of their past and deal with their karmic debts, especially those that are related to their families.

Advice for the end, it is recommended to be very careful because it can suddenly and strongly release all the emotions that we buried and hid inside, and the yellow stone will just enhance them, and then we could be in a bigger problem than before.

Deal with it with extra care, educate yourself about what you are doing with it, and buy the real thing, always.

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