Zebra Calcite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

There are numerous studies that have proven that Calcite, in general, not just one specific kind is amazing, and have numerous qualities.

It is a powerful amplifier and purifier of energy.

Just the existence of Calcite in space cleanses negative energy from the atmosphere and increases the energy levels.

It is a known fact that inside of the body it cleans static energy.

The spectrum of colors that appear in this stone, while just one of two can be dominant but it is always colorful and cleans the physical and spiritual bodies.

There are numerous purposes related to it – they contain counterbalancing energy, release negativity, improve self-worth, and provide clarity of mind.

Zebra Calcite Crystal Origin

In general, we know that the stone Calcite is transparent, waxy, and can emerge in all the colors of the rainbow.

It is believed, as a part of the mythology of crystals that it has been made when it was thrown away from the chariot of the Baltic Sun goddess.

Her name was Saula, and she moved her chariot across the sky and thus began her long journey to fight the darkness on the day of the winter solstice.

The other name for the stone Zebra Calcite is Raw Phantom Calcite.

This type is a newly excavated type of calcite stone.

It belongs to the most common stone that could be found on our planet and it is a calcium carbonate mineral.

Nevertheless, this incredibly special variety of Calcite has only been discovered in Mexico, and this happened not so long ago, having in mind that some Calcite stones are there for quite a while.

Some people confused this stone with the Zebra Stone that comes from the western parts of Australia, but they are not the same.

Different Colors

While any Calcite crystal is typically sheer to opaque, this gem is composed of orange Calcite integrated with lined black and white Calcite.

Of course, the color, or to be more precise, what is interesting and different regarding this stone is its zebra-like pattern, making it very attractive.

Zebra Calcite shows banding designs throughout the gem which truly remind us of stripes on a Zebra.

It is believed that it possesses hints of Aragonite.

This stone is sold raw, as the majority of Calcite rocks.

Spiritual Meaning

The majority of us, these days want to obtain spiritual energy, so that we can protect ourselves, from all that is coming our way, and that is negative and scary.

One of the main usages of this stone is for the protection of your energy, not just in the inner sense, but also you can use it to clean your private and professional space from being under negative impact.

Use it in your home, or in your workplace, it will look wonderful, and also it will fulfill its purpose.

Save the power of your space with a sample of gorgeous, amazing Zebra Calcite stone, that can be used for numerous purposes, but this is the primary one, and you do not need to do anything.

Just place it near you and relax.

Zebra Calcite will allow for the removal of harmful energy and create a calm, relaxed environment, which is necessary for any space you spend time, not to mention the workspace where we spend more than eight hours a day.

This Zebra crystal is the ideal meditation partner and will operate with all 7 chakras that we have; at the same time, it will bring us, much-needed harmony and consonance.

Also, and this is so important to mention – such a stone serves us to soothe emotions of grumpiness, irritation, and despair.

If you have any form of stress or anxiety or you are, as many people are, an overthinker, then Zebra Calcite can aid calm the senses and getting emotions on the safe ground.

Zebra Calcite enables people to face some of the most challenging problems with emotions that people may have, giving them a lot of bravery and clearness in the mind.


Zebra Calcite displays continuous transformational powers in itself, and using this stone on a daily basis will allow you to thoroughly transform all elements of your life, beginning with the emotional part, which must always be the first part that you start to alter, and then easily can go to some others.

Zebra Calcite instantly starts to operate with the emotional element in us, and subsequently, it will increase concealed and ignored emotions to the exterior.

All those feelings that you preserved somewhere deep inside, are now able to come out, and the process itself is really healthy for you.

This causes your senses to recognize and manage the negative experiences that you are carrying for a long time ago, not being able to address them in the right way.

Recognize that these feelings are not the real you are and do not mirror the magnificence you have for sure.

It is best that you use this stone while you meditate; then you will be able to continue meeting these uncertain and painful points of your life, and they will make you a healthier and more content person.

Understanding what you’re competent in and how far you’ve reached is the most elevated accomplishment of power you can bear with you while you live this life.

With these pieces of knowledge come wisdom, actuality, and familiarity that you are qualified for anything you desire to do.

It is stated that all people who hold these healing black and white Zebra crystals will experience good luck where ever they go in life.

This may be in the form of better fortune, more cash, or better relationships.

During mediation, it could be used with Citrine, Rose Quartz or Amethyst.

Zebra Calcite Crystal Healing Properties

We all need healing, and we all know that it starts with us and that we need to heal our traumas, no one can do it instead of us.

But, there is help, and it comes in the form of this Zebra crystal.

It is amazing for the process of healing and for the mediation.

The reason is – this stone is believed to have numerous supportive traits, it supports us when we must overpower fear, suspicion, and tension that we feel on a daily basis, for sure.

Also, Zebra Calcite increases emotions of self-worth, faith, and boldness. Likewise, it furthermore helps us identify that we are all related and encourage a feeling of belonging not just to our family, community, etc, but to the world.

This black and white stone can gently but strongly distribute and recompense, weighty and cluttered energies, and instead, fill us with an uplifting feel of harmony and tranquility.

Some people even think that Zebra Calcite can assist people to find true love if they have been struggling their lives to do so.

This is stated to be because it delivers transparency of thought and releases any negativity that may be stopping your capacity to discover and maintain a healthy connection with someone.

Create a warm atmosphere at home by placing Zebra Calcite in places where you sit normally.

If you are at your workplace, use it to break the ice when you feel uncomfortable meeting and working with some of your new colleagues.

Use this stone whenever you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, not only near people but also near animals.

Zebra Calcite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

The phantom Calcite, as is its other name, is the type of crystal that could also be used for metaphysical intents, as many people do.

It is important for you to know that Zebra Calcite is created from the chemical compound called CaCO3, when in fact, it is a calcium carbonate mineral.

The metaphysical definition of Zebra Calcite is best seen in its connection to our spiritual parts, and those who want to develop it even more and reach some higher realms should use it for sure.

First of all, it is a very soothing and calming stone, which is necessary if you want to start doing something more and lose worries and problems.

When you do that, reducing any anxiety level and washing away the stress, then you will be able to adjoin with your instinct, and maybe even go, a bit higher if you dare to do so.

Problems that you may have until this moment will seem funny, and the solutions will come before any problems occur, because when you use these metaphysical properties of Zebra Calcite then you have Higher guidance in your life.

Zebra Calcite brings an understanding of ourselves, and only that can bring us to greater wisdom about who we are as people.

Following this, we can be led to more increased self-esteem and a sounder knowledge of our powers and liabilities.

Knowing them all, we will know that these abilities or weaknesses recreate into growing spirituality as we will be more interconnected with the world that is around us.

Have in mind, that all Calcite stones are considered to be very active crystals that accelerate growth and expansion.

It is the highest spiritual crystal, without a doubt and it is associated with a higher mind that enables opening to higher awarenesses and even prophetic direction and out-of-body ventures.

Other Benefits and Uses

All people who have any form of emotional or health issues should use this stone, as it can help them solve those issues, mostly those that are related to trauma, neglected inner care, not paying attention to feelings, etc.

Zebra Calcite enhances physical health by relaxing the nerves and supplying us with the necessary peace not only in our minds but also in the entire being.

It is amazing to battle anxiety and depression, and for improving mental transparency with less tiredness from overworking your mind on stressful ideas or worries.

Now, this also implies that you could use Zebra Calcite for resolving your sleeping issues; mediation before bed could truly make you sleep better.

The dream itself will be heather and you will wake up filled with energy and calmness.

Some claim that this stone could be used as an aid in the struggle with eating disorders, that are now so common, even among young people, kids even.

For children that do not eat well or are picky eaters, Zebra stone can boost the appetite and subsequently improve weight.

Some say that this black and white stone should be used for all people who for whatever reason have weak bones and lack calcium.

Zodiac Birthstone

As you were able to see, people more and more are discovering the benefits of this stone; but most prominently, it is known to be the stone associated with inspiration, wealth, strength, material healing, unique will, and stability of mind.

It triggers all seven Chakras to help in the process of spiritual awakening, change, self-discovery, and healing.

Now, we also know that Zebra Calcite can be amazing in the process of easing the mind, so all those who are having a lot of anxieties, or any form of trauma, should use this stone so that they can find a feeling of inner peace, and other to wake up their empathy that is lost.

Having said all of this, two Zodiac signs have a connection to this stone, as it can help them with their issues and challenges.

It is the sign of Pisces, as Zebra Calcite assist them in the process of healing and relaxing their own oversensitivity.

In the case of Geminis, it is necessary for focusing their last energies and find balance for the duality of their souls.

We must add, that some claim that all Zodiac signs should use this stone, cause it can help them with their issues.


Zebra Calcite is a very much alluring gemstone to have since it looks attractive, and is not expensive at all.

Usually, you will find on the market necklaces that were made out of this stone, but there are bracelets or pendants also.

In any case, it is not wrong to carry it in whatever jewelry form you want, since it is good for the entire body; and it affects every pore of our bodies.

How to Cleanse and Charge Zebra Calcite Crystal?

It is essential that you dedicate some time to the process of cleaning this stone.

Do so, because in this way you are clearing the stone from bad energies – many hands had touched the stone and all of them left a mark on it, that now should be cleaned.

Clean your Zebra Stone with all four elements in the world, they are fire, earth, water, fire, and air.

Some even recommend placing the stone in the ground where usually you would place some flowers; leave it during the night and then you can use it again.

Alternatively, you can use sea salt to clean the Zebra Stone – place the stone in the glass with the salt and leave it there for a couple of hours.

If you live near an area with water, you can clean your stone by placing the Zebra Calacite in clear natural water.

Cleans the stone by the process of burning cedar or sage, or other sorts of fragrance or purification spices, and cleans the stone with it.

Some people like to clean the stone by placing it in a fire, but this could cause some damage to it, so avoid this process if you can.

Charge it with the usage of Selenite or Clear Quartz, place it on the top of this stone, and then it will be clean.

Such a process will definitely boost their innate effects.

How much does Zebra Calcite Crystal cost?

Calcite in general is no expensive stone, it is truly available on the market, and you can buy it for a reasonable price for sure.

Smaller stones could be purchased for just a couple of dollars, but also there are some bigger specimens that were shaped in the form of the skull for example, or are just like a proper round ball, then they can cost up to 1000 dollars, but this is a rather exception than the rule.

You can find a solid example for 50 dollars, for sure.

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Zebra Calcite is the type of stone that is present and should be used in this manner, as a reminder of the demons you’ve encountered throughout your existence in this world so far.

But it can also help you to change, and not allow those demons to rule you.

Zebra Calcite does it in a manner that enables your internal power.

Only at the moment when you can comprehensively understand the grit of what you have deep inside, then you can actually seize the idea of being the designer of your own world.

This stone is all about the spiritual evolution inside just one man.

Also, it is believed that its balancing and grounding forces are amazing in fighting anxiety, providing comfort, and an insight into our personal worlds.

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